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2023 Trend Report: The Five Interior Design Trends That Are Going To Be Big This Year

With every new year comes new design trends. January is such an exciting time because there are so many possibilities for reinvention and new inspiration. Now is the time to look at your space and think about how to make it more beautiful or more functional. We’ve done some research and clocked the five interior design trends that have been showing up all over the internet—here's what to expect in 2023, and how to embrace these trends in a way that feels natural to you. 

The end of open plan living 

Being indoors a lot more in the last couple years has made us realize...privacy and dedicated spaces have their advantages. Expect to see a return to dining rooms, as well as other spaces that encourage connection. Turn a bay window into a reading nook, or use room dividers to add definition between your living area and dining areas. 

Return to craftsmanship 

Another consequence of spending so much time at home in recent years is realizing that mass-produced furniture doesn’t have the best longevity. Sure, you can save money by assembling that flat-pack furniture yourself—but it always comes missing a drywall screw, or quickly starts wobbling every time you open and close a drawer. 

Hence the revolt against mass production that’s currently underway. This year is going to be a return to fine craftsmanship, and we couldn’t be happier about it. At RealCraft, craftsmanship is one of our most important values. That’s why all of our doors and home accents are made by hand on site in Gig Harbor, Washington. Because we know that when skilled artisans build something, they’re going to build it to last. 

To incorporate this trend, start with making upgrades to the pieces you use all the time. Invest in a new sideboard or floating mantel to instantly elevate your living or dining room. Switch out your standard builder grade doors with solid wood doors. Or opt for a new coffee table—the great thing about master craftsmanship? It never really goes out of style. 

Texture, texture, texture 

While shiny, sleek materials have been ‘in’ for a while now, a space full of marble and high gloss can look rather cold and impersonal. That’s why textured surfaces are coming back in a big way. Lime wash and plaster started a renaissance in 2022 that’s only set to continue this year. Embrace contrast, and don’t be afraid to opt for reclaimed wood accents, a plaster hood for your kitchen, or even update the tiles in your bathroom. 

Color and personality are back 

Minimalism and monochromatic décor has reigned supreme for quite a while, but it seems that’s finally over. Now is the time to try out a bold accent color, go for a colorful wallpaper in the powder room, or just get new sheets in a more interesting shade. Your home is an expression of your personality—if neutrals are your happy space, there’s no need to disrupt your home’s sense of calm. But if you love to wear colors, why not incorporate those same colors into your space? 

Sustainable design is in 

Now more than ever, consumers want to know how and where their products were made. We’re becoming more aware of the problems of mass production, and how harmful it is for the planet. Expect to see sustainability centered in every aspect of design. This is the time to try out antique or vintage furniture of home décor. Many older pieces of furniture just need a little refreshing to look their best again, and add character to any space. Plus, by reusing what’s already been made, it places less stress on natural resources. 

At RealCraft we know the health of our forests is everything. That’s why we have a sustainability program that plants 25 new trees around the world for every door we make. 

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