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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

2023 Year End Sustainability Report

We depend on forests every day at RealCraft. Because we use real wood in all our doors and home accents, we need to ensure that forests stay healthy for years to come. Sustainability and responsible stewardship of forests is the only way that our business--and other businesses like us--can hope to continue. 

But you depend on forests, too. From regulating the global climate to protecting biodiversity to generating the oxygen we breathe, forests matter to everyone. Learn more about the importance of healthy forests, and what RealCraft is doing to preserve them.  

Why does forest sustainability matter? 

snowy winter evergreen forest

Forests are some of the most biodiverse places on the planet. They also store a lot of carbon, which helps to regulate the world’s climate. Forests currently hold about 860 gigatons of carbon, which is the equivalent of 100 years’ worth of annual fossil fuel emissions at the current rate. 

What's an old growth forest and why are they important?

Old growth forests are ancient forests like the Amazon or the forests in Olympic National Park here in Washington State. They are also called "primary forests." Old growth forests store more carbon than newer forests. They are also important culturally, as landscapes that shaped the culture of people who lived near them for thousands of years. 

What’s the difference between deforestation and logging? 

Deforestation and logging are not the same. Deforestation is the process of clearing forest for other uses (most commonly agriculture), which means all the trees are cut down. But logging doesn’t have to involve clear-cutting, and trees can be selectively logged from forests with less damage to the environment. 

How does Eden Reforestation Projects work? 

We partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 25 trees for each door sold in one of three countries: Kenya, Mozambique, and Madagascar. Eden hires local community members to plant and manage these young forests, which supports local economies. Over 6,000 people restore and manage 241,000 hectares of land in these project areas. 

Your Impact: Reforestation and Carbon Storage 

To date, Eden Reforestation Projects has planted 17,685 mangrove trees on RealCraft’s behalf. This year, these trees have sequestered 221,000 kg of carbon dioxide. They will continue to store even more carbon as they grow in size and become mature. 

Mangrove forests are especially important because of the amount of carbon they store, and the protection they provide against flooding and coastal erosion. Restoring mangrove forests is crucial to preserving these coastal communities and habitats.

When you buy from us, you can track your impact in real time through the Verdn dashboard. You'll see where the trees are being planted and when they go in the ground. Not only is it fun to watch these developments, this level of transparency is one of the reasons why we partnered with Eden Reforestation in the first place. You can trust that the impact you're having is real. Check out the Verdn dashboard to learn more. 

Ways to preserve forests in daily life 

1: Buy products that are Forest Stewardship Council Certified 

The Forest Stewardship Council is an NGO committed to preserving the world’s forests. Their forest management certificationconfirms that the forest is being managed to preserve biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers. It has three levels of certification: 100%, Recycled, and Mix. When you see these certifications on a product, you know that it comes from a forest that has been managed responsibly. 

2: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

There’s a reason that “reduce” is first here, because it’s the most effective of all three “Rs”. If you can, go paperless for your bills, read a digital newspaper instead of a printed one, and ditch paper towels and napkins in favor of reusable cloths and linen napkins. Reuse Amazon boxes when you need to send a return or mail a package. And recycle whatever you can’t reuse! 

3: Invest in high quality wood products 

Wood can be an incredibly long-lasting, durable substance. That’s why we recommend buying furniture, doors, and countertops that are well-made and built to last. Say no to “fast furniture” that’s made out of plywood and designed to be trendy and disposable. Instead, look for pieces both new and old that are made from solid wood, with good joinery. Flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores are full of high quality vintage or antique furniture that add character to your home, and are virtually guaranteed to last longer than anything that comes in a flat-pack box, that you assemble with four drywall screws. 

4: Support the creation of protected forest areas 

Protected forest areas—which includes places like national parks, nature preserves, and national forests—help prevent deforestation before it starts. They also help prevent habitat loss for animals. Some protected forest areas are dual-purpose, creating outdoor recreation and a chance for us to reconnect with nature. 



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