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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Customer Feature: Installing a Barn Wood Accent Wall With Cindy

We can all agree that barn wood accent walls are beautiful and can add a unique touch to your home decoration or business set up, right? Not only an architectural feature, accent walls can also add warmth and character to your living space.

Barn wood inspiration

This week we received a BEAUTIFUL project update from our customer and neighbor Cindy R! In this project, Cindy added a reclaimed barn wood accent wall to their home’s living room. With the help of two neighbors, Cindy installed a full wall in a total of seven hours and just two days! That is what we call teamwork 😍

Let’s take a look at the accent wall installation process, shall we?

The space before adding the wood wall:

image of the set up before adding the accent wood wall

The living room was pretty cute and cozy before! However, the gray wall added a cold feel to the room.

The wood panels arrival:

RealCarft's wood wall planks arrived

Our wood panels arrived! Our panels aresold in kits of 15 square feet, and the minimum order is 30 square feet.The reclaimed wood panels come in widths of three, five, or seven inches, and in random lengths, so you have more flexibility to create the pattern you want!

  • Make sure to measure your wall’s square footage before ordering your kits. The formula is width x hight = square footage


Wall Preparation:

painted wall before wood accent installation

Before placing your reclaimed wood wall panels, it is a good idea to paint the wall in a dark color (or a color that matches the wood specie you picked for your wall). This way, nobody will notice possible small gaps between the wood panels 😉. Good job, Cindy! 

The barn wood accent wall  installation:

wall preparation before installing the wood accent wall planks

When installing your wood planks, make sure you have the correct measurements and are considering elements that you do not want to be covered, such as heating systems and light switches. Cindy also marked the wall for reference and to help her place the different plank widths and create the pattern she wanted.

Customers installing their barn wood accent wall

Having fun placing the planks! You may attach the boards to the wall using construction adhesive or glue, nails, or a combination of both.


Installed barn wood accent wall!

We are in LOVE with the new decor! Look how the wood added warmth and made the room look brighter! Amazing job, Cindy!

Do you want your project featured on our website? Submit your pictures and project description on ourProject Form.

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Log Home Shoppe

April 07, 2023

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