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Farmhouse Décor: 10 Simple Ideas That Will Transform Your Home!

The Farmhouse Interior Décor is primarily designed around practicality, where everything is easy to find/operate. Farmhouse décor is a very cozy, warm, and inviting decoration scheme.

Characterized by its coordinated but not perfectly matched elements, Farmhouse Décor is easily recognizable by two distinct decoration techniques: the use of wood elements and the iconic white color, which is usually the dominant color in the decoration.

Farmhouse décor has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. It works with a mixture of styles. Utilizing farmhouse décor elements is a great way to make your house feel homely as well as stylish. If you're looking for a way to make your living space feel cozy, warm, and inviting, check out these 10 decoration ideas!


1. Barn Doors 

Farmhouse Decor Ideas: Barn Door Set

One of the easiest ways to achieve a classy farmhouse style is to use barn doors. Barn doors and farmhouse décor will always go together. Now, this does not mean big red doors plastered to the side of your house. Sliding barn doors offer a great aesthetic to your space. They can be used in a multitude of rooms, from office doors to kitchen doors. 

Here at RealCraft, we have a wide variety of barn door styles. However, traditional barn door designs will work better for farmhouse-inspired decoration. Take a look at our collection of farmhouse-inspired barn door designs and pick the style that most resonates with your space.


2. Butcher Block Countertops

Farmhouse decor idea: wood butcher block countertops

Butcher block countertops not only serve a wonderful functional purpose of having a solid, food-safe surface that is easy to maintain; they also serve as a lovely aesthetic decoration addition. They can add the classic farmhouse feel to your kitchen while also mixing in a bit of a modern touch. Wood butcher block countertops are very versatile and customizable. For example, you can customize the wood species and edge style, so your countertop or island will better complement your room design. If you need some extra inspiration, check out these 20 Butcher Block Countertop Ideas to inspire your next project.


3. Lots of White!

farmhouse decoration ideas: white elements (chair, desk, curtain)

When it comes to achieving a solid farmhouse style, whitewashing a space such as a kitchen or an entryway can really help achieve the aesthetic. For instance, whitewashing some furniture pieces like a cabinet or table, or door, and some other white decoration elements can really add the comfort-y farmhouse feel to your home. 


4. Statement Beams

Farmhouse decoration ideas: statement wooden beams. picture features wooden beams on wall corner in a kitchen like space

While adding structural beams to your home might be a costly endeavor, it's possible to install decorative beams across your ceiling. The wood accent adds a sense of dimension and design to the room. Paired with white walls, it creates a homely space perfect for entertaining your guests.


5. Wooden Ceiling and Wall Paneling

Farmhouse décor ideas: white wall paneling on a wall with a window.

Wood paneling on your walls or ceilings can transform your space into the perfect farmhouse feel. Utilizing whitewashed wood can create the ultimate farmhouse style in your home.


6. Reclaimed Wood

Farmhouse decor ideas: reclaimed wood coffee table

One of the defining features of a farmhouse style is the use of wood and even worn, repurposed wood. The level and extent you want to add reclaimed wood will be completely dependent upon your taste. You can choose to go all out, including everything from your counters to shelves, or you could use subtle touches here and there.


7. Open Shelving

Farmhouse Décor ideas: Open wood shelving

One of the most defining features of a farmhouse-style kitchen is the use of open shelving to be used both functionally and aesthetically. The open style will help you remain more organized as it will all be on display, and it offers an excellent farmhouse feel. This gives you more opportunities to add to the style by the type of glass and knick-knacks that you display.


8. Trestle Table

farmhouse decor dieas: Trestle Table in a dinning room setting

If you're not looking to revamp your kitchen or other space completely, then a simple addition of a trestle table to your room can be the chic farmhouse style that you're going for. The wooden functional and stylish table works great for hosting big groups while offering your space the farmhouse aesthetic you're aiming for.


9. Knick-Knack Collection

Farmhouse decor ideas: knick knack accessories on a white background

The perfect classic knick-knack collection can give your space the accent needed to give a farmhouse style. Aged but classy knick-knacks in your kitchen, bathroom, or dining space can really add the right aesthetic to the room.


10. Use Brass

Brass Sliding Hardware for sliding barn doors

Brass is one of those universal design appeals. It will work in so many different styles and designs, including farmhouse. When creating a farmhouse aesthetic with brass, you can use it for accents such as on the kitchen faucet, lighting fixtures, cabinet knobs, brass door hardware, or brass dishware on your open shelves. Brass will work particularly well with white elements, and since farmhouse-inspired schemes use lots of white elements, brass will be an excellent eye-catching addition.


What do you think about this tips? Let us know in the comments!

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