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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Four Reasons to Update Your Fireplace Mantel This Fall


Fireplaces serve as the centerpiece of many homes. It’s where families gather throughout the fall and winter season, as the coziest part of the house. So why settle for a fireplace mantel that isn’t perfect for you? Investing in a new mantel isn’t just about replacing the old one. It’s about enhancing the style and function of the whole space. We know you’re looking for exceptional quality, design, and customization when it comes to mantels. So, here are four reasons to replace your fireplace mantel.  

The Style is Outdated 

An outdated mantel can be an eyesore. It makes the whole space feel less cohesive. If your home is modern or contemporary in style, you need a mantel that complements the rest of your home’s decor. It should be a statement piece that elevates your living room. This may be especially important if you’ve recently renovated your home and the old mantel no longer fits with your home’s aesthetic.  

It's Experienced Wear and Tear 

Over the years, mantels can get damaged and worn. There comes a point where repairs or another coat of paint may not be enough to improve the appearance of an old mantel. Rarely, the mantel may get damaged enough that its structural integrity could be compromised.  

The Mantel is made with Subpar Material 

If your current mantel is made from lower quality materials, it won’t be as durable in the long run and is likely to quickly look outdated. If you value the longevity of your home decor, then you need a mantel made from superior materials like solid wood.  

The Mantel Hasn’t Been Custom Made to Suit Your Preferences 

If your current mantel hasn’t been custom built to suit the dimensions and style of your living space, you’re missing out. If you live in a custom home, it can be hard to find a mantelpiece that matches the scale of your space.    

RealCraft Mantels  

A Mantel with a Modern Look  

Our mantels are sleek and modern, creating a focal point that enhances your fireplace–without competing with it. 

Real Wood Construction 

We use real, solid wood for our mantels–no veneers here! You can trust in the durable craftsmanship and real wood fabrication of our mantels. Watch our Craftsman Ryan make a custom White Oak Mantel below: 

Easy Installation 

We use a French cleat on our mantels. The French cleat is a method of anchoring something to the wall using either metal or in this case, solid wood. A second piece of wood attaches to the wall with an angled cut where the mantel slots in. It creates a secure connection across the full length of the mantel and is easier and more reliable than L brackets. Plus the French cleat is a hidden fastener–no hardware is visible once the mantel is installed. So it looks seamless in any space.  

Optimal Customization 

We offer twenty wood species variations, lengths up to ten feet, and seven chic, natural finish options. You can create a completely unique mantel that’s perfect for your home.  

Low Maintenance 

Our mantels are easy to take care of. They’re finished with Osmo, a hardwax oil hybrid that doesn’t need sanding to reapply. Unlike varnish or urethane based finishes, Osmo is quick and simple to touch up.  

Shop our mantel today and give your home the uplifted look it needs. 

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