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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Introducing: Double Doors From RealCraft!

Our latest product launch is all about creating an entryway with presence. Double doors command attention because of their size, and having two doors creates an opportunity for new and beautiful designs. Made by hand, built to order, with solid wood and insulated glass--these double entry doors will be the envy of the whole neighborhood. 

The Offset Slat Double Doors

double doors with offset glass panels, sidelights, and transom

These double doors are contemporary and eye-catching with four offset glass panels on each door. 

The Mid Century Modern Side Window Double Doors

double doors with side windows and sidelights

The Mid Century Modern Side Window Door is our most popular entry door, so we wanted to create a set of double doors with this design. 

Single Panel Glass Double Doors

frosted glass double doors with side lights and transom

Our Single Panel Glass Double Doors allow for maximum natural light, creating an open, airy look. 

The Monarch Double Doors

chevron paneled double doors on home facade

The New Monarch Double Door Design was inspired by the bold lines and bilateral symmetry of a monarch butterfly. 

Some Double Door FAQs

Why should I choose a set of double entry doors over a single door?

If you already have a wide door opening, double doors are a no-brainer. But you can also choose to upgrade from a single door to double doors to create a more distinctive, memorable entryway. Sometimes it can be useful to just have more space to maneuver. Double doors are also popular for business applications such as storefronts, offices, or restaurants.

What makes RealCraft double doors different than other double doors on the market? 

RealCraft double doors stand out because of their unparalleled customization, solid wood construction, and expert craftsmanship. They are all hand-made in Gig Harbor, Washington State. They also come with an exclusive White Oak threshold and silicone sweep system which prevents water damage to the jamb. The jamb is built from the same wood species as the door for a custom, coordinated look. 

Are double doors just as safe as entry doors? 

Yes! Our double doors come with a cane bolt to secure the inactive door, which is the door without the lockset. A cane bolt goes into the floor and holds the door closed to make it harder for someone to gain entry. Solid wood doors are also more robust and heavier than mass-market doors, which makes them more secure. 

What wood species are available for your double doors? 

RealCraft offers 20 hardwood species for double doors, including American classics like Walnut, Hickory, and Cherry. We also have exotic imports like Wenge and Sapele Mahogany. You can choose matching wood-framed sidelights and transom add-ons to make your double door unit even more impressive.

Shop the double door capsule collection here. More designs are coming soon!


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