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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Red Wine Redwood!

Rich with history, our Reclaimed Red Wine Redwood is enhanced by the color and aroma of some of California's finest wines. When we saw the opportunity to acquire this unique collection of reclaimed lumber, we couldn’t pass it up. With redwood’s striking color, exclusivity, and historic significance, we knew this lumber would be the perfect addition to our reclaimed line.

Our redwood began its journey hundreds of years ago as seedlings in California’s coastal forests. After many years of growth, it was harvested in 1972 for use in 35,000-gallon Napa Valley wine tanks. 44 years later, it has been decommissioned, and is now here in Gig Harbor, WA, ready to be crafted into your stunning doors. Whether your door be sliding, swinging, carriage, or custom, Reclaimed Red Wine Redwood is a great choice!


wine barrels


There is a limited supply of this high quality lumber. For about 50 years now, the majestic redwood tree has been preserved and protected. And rightfully so, as less than 3% of ancient redwoods now remain in California. Reclaimed wood has an integrity and history that you cannot get from fresh lumber. There is value in recycling what has already been harvested, and it is our responsibility to put it to good use.


wine and vineyard


In the 1800’s and early 1900’s thousands of wine fermentation tanks were constructed from the old-growth redwood supply. Its rot-resistance made it the perfect medium for tanks. Redwood was the only wood that didn’t add flavor to the wine stored inside it. The wine would ferment in the wooden tanks for up to two years before it was bottled.

Many wineries are now transitioning to stainless steel tanks, because they provide more control over the flavor and allow wine makers to speed up the aging process. This change has enabled us to acquire this beautiful old growth Redwood.


reclaimed redwood doors


Reclaimed Redwood is quickly becoming the first choice in lumber for modern designers. Its colors range from dusty reddish-brown to rich burgundy. If you have a taste for fine wine, and a unique story, keep red wine redwood in mind for your next project.

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