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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Why Our Doors Are So Expensive

Here’s the thing: our doors are expensive. There’s no way around it. They cost more than the ones you can find at big box stores or marketplaces like Amazon. If you’re new to our brand, you might wonder why we charge so much. But the truth is, there’s no cheap way to make doors the way we do. Our process, our values, and the end product are totally different from what you’re used to. Here are all the reasons why our doors have a higher price point—and what you get as a result that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Our entry doors are handmade to order 

There’s no such thing as an off-the-rack RealCraft door. Each one is made to order to your exact specifications. After all, each project and customer is unique, with different needs. Our tailor-made approach means that we can’t take advantage of certain economies of scale, but that’s okay. Because we believe you’re worth the extra effort. 

We use real, solid wood 

Materials matter. In a category where it’s far more common to use materials like fiberglass, MDF, and inferior quality woods, we’ve chosen a different path. We use real, solid wood, which improves both the look and the function of our doors. 

Our doors are built by expert artisans in the USA

We don’t use automation in our manufacturing process. Instead, our craftsmen and craftswomen build each door by hand. This results in doors that have the same heirloom quality and time-honored techniques of wood products from decades past. The expertise of our makers results in a higher cost—because they’re worth it.

Unlike the doors at big box stores or online marketplaces, all our doors are made in the United States (Gig Harbor Washington, to be exact) by men and women who are paid a living wage, in safe working conditions. Your purchase of a RealCraft door directly supports American manufacturing and American jobs. So if you’d rather not give your money to a faceless corporation (or obnoxious billionaire), buying a door from us guarantees that your purchase supports real, hard-working Americans.     

Our doors are ultra-customizable

RealCraft offers more customization than any other online door retailer. Everything from the wood species, dimensions, and glass styles can be customized. You can create your own totally custom door online--or you can go for our fully bespoke custom process. With the help of our experienced custom design consultants, no design is too complicated for us to achieve. 

We create innovative solutions to common problems 

You might be thinking that there’s not much left to innovate when it comes to doors. But we have over twenty years of experience building doors of all kinds—from carriage doors to barn doors to entry doors. So we’ve learned along the way how to improve the little details so your doors function flawlessly.

For all our entry doors, we use a White Oak threshold that’s sloped to prevent water damage to the jamb—a common pitfall of mass-produced doors. White Oak is naturally water-resistant, so much so that it’s been used in ship building for centuries. And when you get a pivot door from us, we pre-install and test fit the hardware, because getting it perfectly aligned is tricky and takes practice. We do that for you so that installation is easy. 

We have exclusive, exciting designs 

We have plenty of classic designs—your Shaker style panel doors, French style glass doors, etc. But we also have exclusive contemporary designs you won’t find anywhere else, like the Peninsula or Monarch designs. We’re obsessed with innovation and revitalizing a product that, let’s face it, is sometimes kind of boring. If you’re looking something striking and unique for your front door, you can rest assured that no one else in your neighborhood will have a front door like yours. 

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