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Concealed Self Closing Door Hinges Kit


100% Concealed Self Closing door hinges for interior doors with integrated damping function.

The Concealed Self Closing Door Hinges Kit is 100% concealed, meaning that the hinges are completely hidden when your door is closed.

Available in 3 beautiful and durable finishes. All finishes in stock and ready to ship.

The Kit includes 2 Hinges (AN 160 3D) & 1 Self Closing System (AN 108 3D SC45).

Anselmi Sefl Closing Door Hinges at RealCraft

With integrated closing and damping function for residential doors up to 100 lbs

Product Features

  • Self Closing hinge system with integrated damping function;
  • Closing power up to 100 lbs;
  • Modern and elegant design;
  • 100% concealed;
  • Completely concealed hinge system;
  • For wood and aluminum frames;
  • For unrebated residential doors;
  • 3D adjustable (side +/- 1,5 mm, height +/- 2,5 mm, compression +/- 1,0 mm);
  • Material Zamak


We offer four beautiful and durable hinge finishes that will beautifully complement your room design.

Anselmi concealed door hinges finishes by realcraft

Hinge Certification

The AN 160 3D Hinge (included in this kit) is IFT Certified, UL Certified, and CE Certified.

AN 160 3D  Product Certification badges - RealCraft

    What is a Self Closing Hinge?

    Self Closing hinges are a hardware system that prevents your door from hanging open. The Anselmi Concealed Self Closing Door Hinges Kit also has an integrated damping function that will slowly and gently close your door avoiding loud door slamming and preventing damages and accidents.

    What is a door hinge?

    A door hinge is a simple mechanicalhardware piece used to connect a door slab to the wall, allowing it to open and close on a fixed axis. Most door hinge applications limit the opening to a certain motion within a 360° arc angle.

    Concealed hinges are a very popular hinge design because of their discrete installation. The Anselmi concealed hinge is completely invisible when the door is closed.

    Although hinges are commonly used forswinging barn door applications, they can also be used for lids, tables, balconies, gates, windows, and many more. Pair it with your favoritedoor handle for an even more cohesive look.

    Note: The closing power mentioned above refers to the use of one self closing hinge per door leaf (35 x 83 inches).

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    Important Information

    The self closing hinge has to be used only in combination with the given hinges and has to be installed at half the height of the door leaf, approximately at the same height of the lock (magnetic lock recommended).

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