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WiFi Hub for Franklin Autoswing Openers

The Wi-Fi Hub is a Franklin Autoswing Opener upgrade that allows up to 5 users approved by one master user to operate the opener through their smartphone. This expansion connects to the web and is controlled through an app available for Android or iOS.

A strong Wi-Fi signal is necessary for optimal performance. The Hub allows smartphone operation (with the ability to set automatic operation upon approaching the opener for iOS users) and access to user operation history, error message logs, and door status (open, closed, or moving). Master permissions are transferable to another user if the need arises. The master user can choose to receive operation notifications and set rules and restrictions for each user.

You can also enter the name of your installing technician in the app, and in case of system errors, you have the option to contact them. The app will send your technician the last error message detected.

The WiFi Hub is ONLY compatible with the Thalia control board. It will not work with the older Libra model. Please refer to your manual if you are unsure of which model you own, or call us at 1-800-694-5977 for assistance.

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