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The 10 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

Are you looking for design inspiration in the New Year? We’ve done all the research for you for what’s going to be big in 2024, so you can stay current. From trending paint colors and metal finishes to changing attitudes towards furniture sourcing, here are the ten trends that will define the New Year. 

1: Fluted cabinets

White fluted cabinets in a mid-century modern kitchen.

An easy way to add texture to your spaces is to incorporate fluted finishes on furniture. It brings a Mid Century Modern element to your space, without being too literal. Look for this design detail on accent cabinets, or on the pillar of a pedestal dining room table. 

2: Warm tones

Minimalist living room with earth-tone details

From neutral tones to accent colors, warmth is the big trend for 2024. Gray is played out at this point. Instead go for tones like ecru, beige, and rich browns. For bolder colors, consider terra cotta, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. If you’re thinking that this color scheme sounds a lot like the 1970s, you’re right—and that decade is also very on trend. 

3: Forest green

A modern kitchens with forest green flat cabinets.

If warm tones just aren’t your thing, that’s ok because forest green is slated to become another “it” color. This dramatic, deep cool green tone works well with the paint color trend of the year, which is blue. Think soft powder blues, like Valspar’s paint color of the year, Renew Blue, or a mid-tone periwinkle like Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, Blue Nova 825. 

4: Herringbone

A modern kitchen with a white herringbone tile backsplash

Herringbone is a variation on the chevron design that evokes crisp English tweed. It splits the difference between rustic and elegant. We love it for kitchen backsplashes, flooring, and door panels. 

5: Rounded shapes

round top interior door with a leaded glass circular window

Organic shapes will continue to be big in 2024. Look for sofas and coffee tables with curved elements, or a round top entry door for a more classic nod to the trend. 

6: Fractal patterns

A modern living room with modern furniture and a fractural pattern green rug

When it comes to fabrics and upholstery, fractal patterns are the next big thing. That’s a fancy way of saying “patterns with self-replicating elements.” These patterns are intensely satisfying and soothing to the human eye, as they commonly occur in nature (examples include fern fronds and some seashells). Biophilic design—or design that brings elements of nature into the home—is a growing trend because it can improve mental wellbeing. So consider adding some throw pillows, chair cushion covers, or even sheets with fractal patterns. 

7: Investing in quality furniture

Modern kitchen table with different color chairs

Fast furniture—the hyper-trendy, poorly made flat pack furniture that you see going viral on TikTok—is finally cycling out of trend. People are realizing the value of handcrafted goods again (including vintage, antique, or flea-market finds). Furniture and home fixtures that stand the test of time are going to pay for themselves by looking better and performing better for longer. Invest in solid wood and real metal—you know what they say, buy once, cry once! 

8: Dark wood tones

Peninsula modern Dutch door on a white wall in a garden

While the blond tones of Scandinavian minimalism have reigned supreme for some time, now’s the season to incorporate darker wood tones if you’re looking to replace furniture, flooring, or doors. 

9: Color drenching

A vintage mid-century modern living room with blue walls and an orange couch

Color drenching is the practice of painting every part of a room in one color: the walls, ceiling, doors and trims, and even the radiators. You can choose to vary the texture of the paint to add dimension, while keeping it all the same shade. Adding a glossier finish to the trim and a more matte finish to the wall adds a little bit of dimension while maintaining this dramatic—and reportedly sleep-promoting—effect. The best part about this trend is that it’s an inexpensive way to totally transform a space. To take the effect even further, consider matching your wall paint to the color of the furniture or bedding for a monochromatic look. 

10: Cool toned metal finishes


Brass is here to stay thanks to its warm glow and natural antimicrobial properties. But if brass just isn’t your thing, you’re in luck because finishes like satin nickel, pewter, and stainless steel are poised to make a comeback in 2024. 

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