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Customer Feature: Big Spoke Wheel with Topher

Customer Feature: Installing a Big Spoke Wheel Hardware Kit with Topher.

Big Spoke Wheel Sliding Hardware by RealCraft


This week we are featuring a unique and beautiful residential project by our customer Topher T.!

In this project, Topher crafted his own British Brace Barn Door using reclaimed wood. How cool is that?! Topher then installed the barn door using our barn door hardware and accessories. Topher bought RealCraft's Big Spoke Wheel Sliding Hardware Kit, a Track Support Header, a C-Guide Floor Guide, and an Adjustable End Stop.

The Project

Topher decided to go for an even more rustic look by rusting some hardware pieces!

I built a rustic rough sawn barn door and used RealCraft's Big Spoke track after I rusted some hardware pieces.

- Topher T.

Let's take a look at the space before the door and hardware installation:

Project picture: the before the installation of the Spoke Wheel Hardware and Barn Door

Looking at the picture, it is easy to see that a regular swing door would not be ideal for that area due to the other door inside that area.

Topher decided to use reclaimed wood for the barn door, which was a sage idea. Reclaimed wood is not only a budget-friendly wood, but it also has a lot of character and story. This wood type also goes really well with Topher's rustic room decoration.

Building and Installation Process

Hardware components: Big Spoke Wheel Sliding Hardware by RealCraft
Big Spoke Wheel Sliding Hardware by RealCraft Installation on top of barn door
British Brace barn door crafted by customer Topher
Wood planks for barn door construction

Topher did a great job building this door! The nails were placed in all the right places to ensure structural stability. He also did an excellent job installing the flat track to the track support header. Great Job!

Topher told us that the hardware installation process took less than 5 hours, and he did all the installation by himself.

The Final Result

Barn Door and Spoke Wheel Hardware Installed
Barn Door and Spoke Wheel Hardware Installed - open entry
Barn Door and Spoke Wheel Hardware Installed closed entry diagonal angle
Big Spoke Wheel Sliding Hardware by RealCraft closeu

The final result looks fantastic, and the Spoke Wheel really adds to the room's rustic vibes, don't you think?

Topher's Final Thoughts About RealCraft

Why did you choose RealCraft?

RealCraft has the best looking fit for what I was after. [I] did multiple searches.

What are your favorite aspects of our Products?

Customer Service & Product Design.

Jordan Stickley was totally awesome. Very knowledgeable about this product and had a great insight to know what I needed.

- Topher T.

PS.Jordan is one of our sales representatives, and we love him ♥!

Do you want to share your project with us and win a little gift 👀? Go to our Share Your Project page to submit your creation!


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Written by Renan Ferreira

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