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Carriage Doors: 50 Ideas To Inspire Your Next Project

Get Inspired With These 50 Beautiful Carriage Door Ideas!

white swing open garage door in white
image 1. white doors with four panel windows on each door.


For many people, a garage door is the first part of the house they see when they get home from a long day of work or a long trip. A garage can door bring that “wow, finally home” sensation. What if your garage door wasn’t only a dull door?What if your garage door looks beautiful and exactly the way you ever wanted? We decided to share 50 beautiful pictures of previous projects we have done to inspire your next beautiful home or business project for this post.

solid wood swing out garage door
image 2. classic mid-bar style with no windows and security lock handle.
classic studio style carriage door with long hinges
image 3. classic studio style with six window panels and strap hinges.

Garage door or Carriage Door? What is the difference?

Many people get a little confused by these terms, but there’s no reason to!

A garage door is a door that is used to close the entrance to your garage, regardless of its style or opening mechanism.

A carriage door  is a door system that opens and closes by swinging in or out of the doorway.

unfinished wood garage door with privacy glass
image 4. unfinished wood with six panel privacy glass.
set of three carriage doors with glass windows
image 5. classic studio style with four panel clear glass.
simple garage door with glass and matching entry door
image 6. classic vertical plank style with three panel clear glass + matching entry door.

The history of Carriage Doors

Carriage doors have been around for at least 100 years! Incredibly popular during the 19th century, the elite used wooden carriage doors as a simple door system that allowed their carriage and horses to enter and exit their “carriage houses" quickly.

Several decades later, carriage doors are now a beautiful door trend that incorporates history and design. Although modern carriage doors still keep the same classic design and construction techniques from the past, there are now much more sophisticated and customizable.

Nowadays, carriage doors can be constructed with several different wood species, construction techniques and mixed with other materials, such as glass, and steel. Carriage doors can even be automatized with the assistance of automatic garage door openers.

You can add some extra character to you carriage door by adding customized hinges and handles.

elegant gray garage door with windows
image 7. vertical plank style with dark stain finish, two panel clear glass and long, elegant pull handles.
industrial carriage door
image 8. Commercial Application. Classic British X style with brown paint finish.
black carriage door with glass and matching entry door
image 9. All black! Monotone design with matching entry door.
vintage set of garage doors
image 10. Double set of the Classic Z Brace for a vintage, classic farm look.

Common uses

Still widely used for garages, carriage doors have become a very popular solution for different applications and projects. With all of its character and visual appeal, carriage doors made their way to designers’ and architects’ hearts as an attractive and effective solution for homes and businesses, especially in the luxury business.

Carriage doors are so iconic and attractive that they are a go-to solution for hotels, casinos, farms, bakeries, restaurants, museums, art galleries, and many other venues.

Now, let's take a look at those beautiful designs!

double farmhouse garage doors
image 11. Double set of the Classic British X Brace with strap hinges.
elegant large carriage door with long hinges
image 12. Go big! Extra large traditional style with twelve clean glass window panels and extra large hinges.
solid white garage door with windows
image 13. Classic Z Brace in solid white with short strap hinges. Perfect style for SPA vibes or pool areas.
gray studio style garage door with long windows
image 14. Studio Rockwell Design with custom length glass panels. A great option for retails stores and boutiques
Oz garage door style with single window
image 15. set of classic Oz design with single window and rustic ring pull.
garage door with rectangular windows and small hinges
image 16. studio Rockwell with clear glass and triangular hinges.
set of three z brace carriage doors
image 17. set of three Classic Z Brace doors with clear glass and strap hinges.
white double  white craftsman style door
image 18. white Craftsman Traditional Style with small hinges.
redwood carriage doors
image 19. redwood Classic Z Brace Style with strap hinges.
garage doors with X brace style and long strap hinges
image 20. set of three Classic British X in white with strap hinges
set of two white garage doors
image 21. double craftsman traditional with clear glass and strap hinges.
green carriage door with windows
image 22. classic Z brace in green.
set of three arched carriage doors
image 23. unfinished classic arch with strap hinges.
classic x brace garage door
image 23. classic X brace with clear windows.
galvanized panel garage door with dog in front
image 24. classic mid-brace with galvanized panels and small hinges.
double z brace carriage doors with white details
image 25. duo tone classic mid-brace
duotone carriage door with glass and matching entry door
image 26. beige craftsman traditional with matching entry door.
fun garage door with blue details
image 27. craftsman traditional with galvanized panels.
monotone white garage door
image 28. handless white craftsman panel.
elegant z brace carriage doors
image 29. double classic Z brace.
tall carriage door at event venue
image 30. set of Z brace style doors.
low clearance carriage doors
image 31. low clearance classic Z brace.
red swing garage door
image 32. craftsman traditional original in red
swing out carriage door in green
image 33. green craftsman traditional with clear glass
simple garage door
image 34. classic mid-brace
classic swing out garage door with extra long strap hinges
image 35. seamless set of craftsman traditional original with long strap hinges.
elegand garage door with arched windows
image 36. craftsman traditional with arched glass.
set of unfinished wood garage doors
image 37. set of unfinished classic Z brace with long hinges.
creative garage door
image 38. craftsman traditional with extended casing.
green carriage door with windows and medium hinges
image 39. green classic z arch with strap hinges.
double x carriage door with privacy glass
image 40. classic X brace with medium hinges and privacy glass.
square plank white garage door
image 41. white square brace.
cute garage door with letterbox
image 42. craftsman traditional with letternbox.
double window garage door with large strap hinges
image 43. craftsman traditional with double glass panels.
nine window panel carriage door
image 44. studio sargent with long strap hinges and squared windows.
solid blue arched carriage door
image 45. blue classic mid bar arch
farm inspired carriage door
image 46. classic british X with small hinges.
six window dark blue garage door
image 47. blue craftsman with long hinges.
Z brace wide carriage door with window
image 48. classic Z brace with clear glass.
double arched style carriage doors
image 49. double classic brace arch.
dark green carriage door
image 50. contrast green craftsman style with galvanized panels.
knotty wood carriage door
image 51. knotty classic single bar.
pool area carriage door
image 52. Z brace mid-bar

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Damon Bundshchuh

Damon Bundshchuh

August 04, 2023

Hello, I am looking for 2 sets of doors for a garage. Each opening is 7×9. The space it somewhat tight so I was imagining a bi-fold with one swing for each opening. Something along the lines of SL08.
Thank you for your time and advice.

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