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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Five of Your Most Common Barn Door Hardware Questions, Answered

As long-time manufacturers of barn door hardware, we get asked a lot of questions about it--on the phone, on social media, and out and about. Here are five of the most frequently asked questions about barn door hardware, answered. 

What size barn door hardware do I need? 

As a rule, the barn door track should be twice the width of the door plus one inch. So, if your door is 36” wide, the track should be at minimum 73” long. The extra inch is there to ensure the door fully clears the opening. 

Can barn door hardware be cut? 

Yes, many types of barn door hardware can be cut down to size on site. We offer custom cuts on select hardware kits at RealCraft, but you can also order a length that’s longer than what you need, and then cut it after it’s delivered. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how long you want the track to be, so ordering a longer track and cutting it down once you’re ready to install gives you some freedom. 

Are barn doors hard to install? 

Technically, installing a barn door is mostly about installing the hardware itself. Installing a barn door with a hardware kit is not as hard as you might think—don't let the internet fool you! One way to make the whole process easier is to opt into a header board instead of putting the hardware directly onto the wall. The header board helps with structural support, and makes it easier to level the hardware itself. Older homes may have warped walls, and it’s much easier to account for this by installing a header board with shims. 

We made a video showing you how to install a barn door with hardware. In it, our CEO and founder Don Rees installs a barn door all by himself and walks you through the process step by step! Check it out below: 

Is barn door hardware adjustable? 

Yes, certain components of barn door hardware kits are adjustable. We offer adjustable end stops so you can control exactly where your door stops on the track. And we offer adjustable floor guides so you can accommodate for thicker doors. However, some things are not adjustable depending on the type of hardware it is. Typically, length and shape of the hangers are not adjustable. This is why it’s important to double-check your measurements before ordering barn door hardware online. If you’re buying hardware from RealCraft, you can always call us to talk with an expert customer care associate. They’ll help you determine if you’ll need any adjustable components or add-on accessories for your unique project. 

Are sliding door handles universal? 

The short answer is no. While most handles will work for most doors, you need to know that there are important exceptions. The style and construction of the barn door itself will dictate whether or not a handle is suitable. For instance, if you have a traditional plank style barn door with a mid-brace, that brace might get in the way of some handles. Other barn doors with mid-rails or vertical stiles may also introduce sizing limitations on handles, but usually in terms of handle base width, not length. Fortunately there’s such a wide variety of barn door handle designs available that you will be able to find something that suits your barn doors. That was one reason why we started making our own hardware for barn doors—we wanted to make sure homeowners like you could find what they really needed. 

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