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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Introducing: The Desert Journey Collection

Ever wanted to bring the magical warmth of the desert home with you? Now you can. Introducing our Desert Journey Collection: four new Weathered Wood color finishes that make your home into a desert sanctuary.

These new colors are available for all variations of the Weathered Wood Barn Doors and the Horizontal Plank Weathered Wood Barn Doors. Here's a little bit more about each color.

Cactus Rose

Desert cactus with cactus flowers growing.
Weathered wood red barn door

The starting point for this collection, Cactus Rose is a warm, cinnamon red. It looks great paired with other warm hues like terra cotta or dusty pink. We were inspired by the sun-kissed beauty of cactus flowers for this shade.

Desert Sage

Succulent plant seen from above
Weathered Wood Green Barn Door

 A soft, silvery green, Desert Sage is a serene and tranquil color. It's stunning when paired with trendy emerald green accents, moody purples, or soft yellows. We based it off the hue of resilient desert greenery--the shrubs and plants that add softness to the desert landscape.

Turquoise Oasis

Oasis with crystal blue waterfall
Weathered Wood Blue Barn Door

This vibrant blue with turquoise undertones evokes the miraculous sanctuary offered by a desert oasis. It comes alive when paired with contrasting, warmer tones like soft oranges. Pair with other blues and greens with warm undertones, like robin's egg blue, for something more tonal. 

Sonora Sand

Desert Dune
Weathered Wood Yellow Barn Door

A marigold yellow with a hint of sandiness--hence the name. The warmest and sunniest shade in the collection, Sonora Sand will create a natural focal point in any room--pair with more muted tones to let the warmth of this shade brighten and lift up the space. 


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