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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Introducing The Coastal Collection: Our 10 New Pivot Doors

For our latest pivot door collection, we were inspired by the beauty of coastal landscapes, dynamic places of constant change. From the ebb and flow of the tides, to dramatic sunrises and sunsets, to ever-changing patterns in the sand, the coast is a realm of infinite possibility and potential. The Coastal Collection features fresh new designs as well as some of our most-loved entry doors re-imagined as pivot doors. If you’re looking for a pivot door that’s cool, contemporary, and customizable, this is the collection for you. It’s never been easier to craft your own unique pivot door that seamlessly fits in your home. 

Discover all the new designs below. 

black walnut pivot door on modern home

Rodanthe Pivot Door

herringbone pivot door on coastal door

Montauk Herringbone Pivot Door

chevron wood and glass panel pivot door on a modern home with side lights and transom

 Monarch Pivot Door

32 light walnut pivot door on terra cotta modern homeCambria Basket Weave Pivot Door

32 light pivot door on green modern home with sidelight Lindamar 32 Light Pivot Door

Diagonal Glass Pivot Door on modern home

 Zuma Diagonal Glass Pivot Door

Walnut Pivot Door on modern home

True Plank Pivot Door

all wood pivot door on modern home with red tile

Pacifica Pivot Door 

contemporary pivot door with side light and transom

Monterey Tongue and Groove Panel Pivot Door

single panel glass pivot door on modern home

Marin Single Panel Glass Pivot Door

What are the benefits of pivot doors? 

A pivot door can be taller and wider than a standard entry door. This is because the pivot has a different relationship to gravity than standard hinges do. Instead of hinges connecting the door to the wall, a pivot door rotates on a pivot set in the top and bottom of the door unit. They have a modern, contemporary feeling and set your entryway apart. Plus, pivot doors can be preferable to double doors for a wide door opening—easier to use and much more visually striking. 

What makes our pivot doors different 

RealCraft pivot doors enhance the ease and elegance of this door style. Here’s how we’ve leveled up what you can expect from a pivot door: 

  • Over twenty wood options so you can customize how your door looks 
  • Solid wood construction for improved longevity
  • Side light and transom add-ons to create an entryway with impact 
  • Pre-installed, test-fitted pivot hardware makes installation error-proof 
  • An exclusive white oak threshold prevents water damage and provides an upscale alternative to a metal threshold 

Are pivot doors waterproof? 

Our pivot doors are watertight just like other entry doors. We use kerfed weatherstripping as standard, as well as a brush sweep specifically chosen for this door type to protect it and the jamb from water damage. All of this plus our white oak threshold ensures that your door can withstand the elements. 

Are pivot doors safe? 

Yes, pivot doors are safe. Their larger size actually aids in bolstering security, since a heavier, thicker door is harder to force open. And if you’d like your door to be an outswing door, a pivot door is better than a hinged entry door. This is because the pivot hardware is more concealed. 

With the M+ pivot door system from FritsJurgens, you can control the door opening and closing speeds, as well as hydraulic back check to make the door slam-proof. You can also program the door to stay open, which makes your entryway more accessible. 

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