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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Trending Now: Cool Toned Hardware for Barn Doors, Pocket Doors, and More

When it comes to hardware finishes, you’ll never catch us playing favorites. Brass, stainless steel, powder-coated colors—we love them all. But while brass has been “en vogue” for years, this year is bringing the return of cool-toned hardware finishes. Whether you have a pocket door, barn door, or standard style door, hardware is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to refresh your space. Here’s our guide to these trending finishes, as well as how to incorporate them flawlessly into your style. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel isn’t just gleaming and beautiful, it’s also super durable. It’s our go-to recommendation for exterior hardware in coastal environments. Using other materials outside besides stainless steel in marine environments could lead to corrosion. Stainless steel is also low-maintenance, requiring little in the way of polishing or cleaning. 

Our stainless steel is grade 303 and brushed for a softly glowing shine. 

Best for: minimalist, modern, and contemporary spaces, coastal environments

Galvanized Steel 

Galvanized steel is chemically treated to be extremely durable. It becomes textured for a look that’s equal parts rustic and industrial. Galvanized is recommended for exterior use, too, thanks to how well it lasts. 

Best for: industrial lofts, actual barns, commercial applications, exterior applications

Metallic Silver 

If you want something more glitzy, then metallic silver is an excellent choice. Our metallic silver hardware is powder-coated over solid steel, for a glimmering sheen. It’s not glittery, instead it has a faint shimmer only when the light hits it exactly the right way. 

Best for: art deco, glam, shabby-chic


Nickel is an element in the periodic table (atomic number 28). But most “nickel” finishes aren’t purely the real thing. Nickel finish is the perfect middle ground between warm and cool, since it’s silver with a slightly gold tinge. For this reason it pairs just as well with stainless steel as it does with finishes like brass. This makes nickel a versatile choice. Nickel finish hardware is often brushed for a more upscale look with subtle texture.

Best for: traditional, classic, modern farmhouse

How to Choose A Barn Door Hardware Finish 

Your barn door hardware is more visible than other types of hardware, so considering how it will look in your space is important. Not only should you consider the materials and finishes you like on their own, but you should also consider how the material or finish of your door will interact with it. Do you want to emphasize the contrast of a cool metal finish with a warm-toned wood like Sapele Mahogany or Knotty Alder? Or do you want a look that’s more cohesive in tone? If you’re painting your barn door, keep the same things in mind. 

How to Mix and Match Hardware Finishes 

If you want a look that's coherent across many rooms, keep every hardware finish in a similar color family. For instance, black looks good with cool tones, but may be jarring with warm tones like brass. White hardware, by and large, goes with everything, since it's truly neutral.  

Textures also matter. If you have hardware with a patina, pairing it with a super sleek chrome elsewhere in the space will look disjointed. Either opt for high shine, or more textured/patina heavy finishes.

If you’d like to switch tones between different rooms, that’s perfectly okay. The color scheme of each room should play a role in which hardware finishes you choose. But it's also smart to limit yourself to a few different finish colors--too many variations can easily look busy and chaotic. (Unless your style is eclectic or bohemian--in that case, mix with abandon!)

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