Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!

Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!


FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Pocket Doors Reinvented

Forget everything you know about pocket doors. You know the ones...the squeaky wheels that fall off the track, the door that feels like cardboard, the little hook that is supposed to pull the door out of the wall. We have chatted with many people over the years who aren't too fond of pocket doors. And we were on that boat too...until now! 

Don't close the door on the benefits of pocket doors until you check out RealCraft's pocket door hardware kits! Our doors slide as smoothly as butter, tuck neatly into the wall, and save a ton of space. Real Pocket Doors are the perfect solution for a tight space. In cases where a swinging door might bump into furniture, or not be able to open all the way...pocket doors to the rescue!


pocket door

Our pocket door track systems are made from heavy duty extruded aluminum. The carriages have heat sealed bearings so that they run smoothly, and glass nylon tires so that they roll with ease. Minimal clearance means that the carriages cannot jump off the track or jam. The end result is a smooth running system that can cater to even the heaviest doors!

Another benefit of our pocket doors is that they can be ADA compliant. Pocket doors are more simple for people with limited mobility to maneuver through then swinging doors. We also have handles for the pocket doors that can be opened without any pinching, grasping, or twisting of the wrist.


Worried about accidentally slamming the door? Fear not! With our Sofstop Track, the pocket door is un-slammable! The SofStop sliding pocket door track is a smooth running, soft closing system designed specifically for pocket doors. Engineered to stop doors up to 264lb, the SofStop is a must-have wherever quiet and safety are priorities. This system is the ultimate in style and sophistication.

High quality, reliable and smooth, Real Pocket Door Hardware stands up to the functionality and durability that you expect from Real products. Order your pocket door hardware today! 

2 Responses

Ruben Nunez

Ruben Nunez

April 14, 2021

(1) 12’4" wide x 11’4" tall barn style door
(2) 10’4" wide x 11’ tall pocket doors
(6) 6’2.5" wide x 11’ tall pivot free standing doors

Jill Ryan

Jill Ryan

October 01, 2020

How much room do I need to put in a pocket door? I’m not sure if the wall behind the refrigerator is a solid wall or is suited for a pocket door .

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