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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Craftsman Triple X Swinging Interior Door

The Craftsman Triple X Swinging Door is a more refined take on the rustic X Brace door. This design features three X braces on top of flat panels, in solid wood, rail and stile construction. Available in twenty wood species, this door is for you if you want an interior door that makes a visual statement. 

Plants 25 mangrove trees You can track your impact after purchase.

A Craftsman Swing Door With a Hint of Something Rustic


The Craftsman Triple X Swing Door combines the traditional and contemporary to create a unique look. It features three panels with an X-brace on each one, in a rail-and-stile construction that hearkens back to the Arts and Crafts design movement. Looking for an interior door that's a little bit rustic and a little bit traditional? This is the one for you. It references the X-braces found on barn doors but in a more classic way. This swing door complements many of the most popular decoration styles, including: 

  • Boho Décor
  • Vintage Décor
  • Rustic Décor
  • Farmhouse Décor 

Every RealCraft swing door is made to order and handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople. This gives your door an artisanal quality that's hard to find in a mass-produced age. And, if you order this door pre-hung, it comes with a jamb built from the same wood as the door for a custom-to-you look. 


Wood Species 

We offer over twenty wood species, from budget friendly American hardwoods to exotic imports. This way you can choose a wood species that perfectly coordinates with your style. Customer favorites for this design include: 

  • Cherry
  • Sapele Mahogany
  • Knotty Alder
  • Walnut

Can't find the wood species you are looking for? We can source custom wood species upon request!

Skilled artisans make all our doors by hand onsite in Gig Harbor, a small seaport town on the Puget Sound in Washington State.   

For frequently asked questions about choosing a door and hardware, see our FAQ page. If you're not sure what species is right for your space, or want to see the wood in person, you can  order samples here


 Please note that doors will ship separately from hardware when purchased together. Doors are pictured with hardware for context. Casing and/or decorative trim are not included with pre-hung doors. 


We designed these doors with interior applications in mind. We don't recommend exterior use, and can't guarantee against warping or damage if you install your door outside. To have this door specially crafted for exterior use, call us at 1-253-243-3343 and we’ll be happy to help! 


If you wish to customize the door even further, we can make your dream door a reality! Please understand that customization will add to the lead time. If you need more than 10 doors, or if your project requires special consideration, please call 1-253-243-3343. 



We’re proud to offer Shop Pay Installments! Buy today and pay in 4 or more payments starting at 0% APR. If you finance your purchase with Affirm (Shop Pay Installments), your first payment is due approximately two weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.



Door Handing and Inswing/Outswing 

Door handing is determined from the outside of a room. If the hinges are on the left side, the door has left handing. If the door swings into the room (away from you, standing outside the room), it is a left-hand inswing door. If it swings toward you, out of the room, it is a left-hand outswing door. The opposite is true of right hand doors – the hinges will be on the right side. If the door swings into the room (away from you), it is a right-hand inswing door. If it swings toward you, out of the room, it is a right-hand outswing door. 


In cases where there isn’t a clear “inside” or “outside” to determine handing (i.e., the door connects two rooms), open the door and stand with your back against the hinges. If the door is on your left, it’s a left-handed door. If the door is on your right, it’s right-handed. If you are still unsure, don't worry! We'll be happy to help you make sure you select the right handing. Just give us a call at 1-800-694-5977, or click the chat bubble on the right to chat with one of our customer care agents!

Standard interior swinging door slabs are typically 36” x 80.” But widths between 28" and 32" are also common. If your interior door is taller than 80 inches or wider than 36 inches, the thickness should be 1 ¾ inches. Commercial swinging doors are subject to ADA compliance and may require different dimensions. 

For pre-hung doors, you will need to know the rough opening measurement. To calculate the rough opening, measure the width from the inside of the side studs at the top, bottom, and middle of the door frame. Use the smallest of the three measurements, if any variance occurs. Next, measure the height from the floor to the header on the left, center, and right. Again, you will use the smallest of these three measurements, if any variance occurs. Measure the thickness of the wall by using the smallest measurement of the exposed drywall. 


For special applications, please call our customer care team at 1-800-694-5977 to make sure you choose the correct size. 

We highly recommend adding a clear finish to your door to protect it and make sure that it is eligible to be covered by our warranty. A clear finish not only protects your door, it also enhances its beauty and brings out the color and detail of the grain. 


We offer the following finish options:

  • White Primer: Added to Paint Grade Hardwood. For this option, we use only high-quality hardwoods like European Beech or Red Grandis. These species provide a smooth surface for paint.
  • Clear Satin Eurofinish by Osmo: A high-end hand-rubbed hardwax oil that conditions, seals, and finishes the wood.
  • Oil Stain EuroFinish by Osmo: A high-end hand-rubbed hardwax oil that stains, seals, and finishes the wood.

RealCraft's wood options with Osmo Clear Satin Eurofinish applied:



Click and drag left and right on the image to see how the wood species look Unfinished vs. with Osmo Clear Satin EuroFinish.


  • Slide Right ➡ to see the Osmo Clear Satin Finish.
  • Slide Left ⬅to see the Unfinished Wood Species.




  • Craftsman Triple X Swinging Barn Door design by RealCraft installed in a bedroom space.
  • Craftsman Triple X Swinging Barn Door design by RealCraft installed in a bedroom space.
  • Craftsman Triple X Swinging Barn Door design by RealCraft installed in a bedroom space.
  • Craftsman Triple X Swinging Barn Door design by RealCraft installed in a bedroom space.
  • Craftsman Triple X Swinging Barn Door design by RealCraft installed in a bedroom space.

RealCraft's new Craftsman Triple X Barn Door is an excellent mix of traditional and contemporary design and can work and complement many of the most popular decoration schemes, including:
  • Boho Décor;
  • Vintage Décor;
  • Rustic Décor;
  • Farmhouse Décor.

Our Craftsman Triple X Swinging Barn Door is a suitable door solution for home and business and will beautifully work as your:
  • Kitchen Door;
  • Living Room Door;
  • Wine Room Door;
  • Studio Door.

    Wood Species

    We are proud to offer 20 beautiful wood species available for all of our barn door designs, including budget-friendly options as well as premium, exotic options. Some of our most popular wood species for barn doors include:

    • Cherry Wood;
    • Sapele Mahogany Wood;
    • Alder Wood;
    • Walnut Wood.

    Can't find the wood species you are looking for? We can source custom wood species upon request!


    Unmatched Quality and Features

    A side-by-side comparison showing the advantages of RealCraft Swing Doors.

    Features RealCraft Swinging Doors Competition
    Handcrafted Solid Wood Construction
    Unlimited Customization Options
    20 Hardwood Species Options
    30+ Door Designs
    Environmental Commitment: 25 Trees Planted per Door Sold
    1-Year Limited Warranty
    Free Shipping
    Custom-made Wooden Crates for Shipping Protection
    Specialized Customer Support

    Craftsmanship in Motion

    Discover the Artistry of RealCraft Doors

    Follow the Path from Workshop to You

    Revitalize Your Space

    Experience the RealCraft Distinction

    High-Quality Sliding Barn Doors with Unparalleled Artistry & Personalization


    Everything you need to know about RealCraft swing doors

    Yes, since RealCraft swing doors are made from real wood, you can expect some wood grain variation between doors. The unique grain patterns of wood give each door a distinct appearance. This ensures that no two doors will look exactly the same, adding to the authenticity and beauty of your RealCraft door.

    Yes, RealCraft swinging doors are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Handcrafted with high-quality materials and construction techniques, our doors are reliable and long-lasting.

    Yes, we offers wood samples in various species and finishes, allowing you to see and feel the materials before making your final decision. Shop wood samples.

    At RealCraft, we warranty our swing doors for a full year, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

    RealCraft is committed to environmental sustainability. For every door sold, we plant 25 trees worldwide in partnership with the Eden Project. This initiative helps offset our carbon footprint and promotes reforestation efforts. You can track your impact after the purchase.

    RealCraft swing doors are shipped in custom-made wooden crates to provide maximum protection during transit. We offer free shipping within the contiguous US.

    Maintenance for interior swing doors is easy. You'll need to periodically clean the surface and possibly touch up the door finish in high wear areas like around the doorknob. You'll also need to lubricate and/or tighten hinges from time to time.

    Absolutely! RealCraft offers customization consultations to help you design the perfect swing door for your space. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, co-creating a door that meets your specific needs and preferences. Just call (253) 243-3343or use the contact form below.

    Yes, RealCraft offers easy financing options in partnership with Bread Financing. This allows you to pay for your purchase over time through affordable monthly plans at competitive interest rates. There are no prepayment penalties, so you can prepay at any time without incurring additional fees. The application process is simple and quick, with a decision in seconds and no obligation to buy. Checking your rate won't affect your credit score, and your data is kept safe and encrypted. Learn more about financing.

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