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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Shaker Classic Single Panel Pocket Door

As our most traditional door design, the Shaker Classic Single Panel Sliding Pocket Door is as timeless as it gets. It will look good no matter where you put it, and work with any décor style. Because it's so simple, this door looks striking in exotic woods with intricate grain patterns, or richly colored domestic hardwoods like Black Walnut. Invest in a classic with the Single Panel Pocket Door. 

Plants 25 mangrove trees You can track your impact after purchase.

Trend-Proof Wood Pocket Doors


There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple. The Shaker Classic Single Panel is our most popular sliding pocket door because it truly works in any space. From the most traditional homes to the most contemporary, from shabby chic to mid-century modern, it will always look good. 


It’s available in your choice of three panel styles: flat panel, vertical tongue-and-groove, or horizontal tongue-and-groove. This door style lets the wood do the talking, and we recommend keeping it that way. Go for a wood species with a distinctive grain pattern like Zebrawood or Sapele Mahogany to make a bolder statement. Or for a traditional look, choose a domestic hardwood like White Oak or Black Walnut.  


Pocket doors save an average of six square feet of floor space compared to swinging doors, and they are the practical choice for narrow hallways, tight corners, or other spaces where swinging doors aren't practical. With the right hardware, pocket doors are also generally more accessible for everyone in your family. 


Skilled artisans make all our doors by hand onsite in Gig Harbor, a small seaport town on the Puget Sound in Washington State. 


RealCraft offers twenty different wood species from budget-friendly to exotic and rare. One of the reasons we love real wood so much is that it carries the character of its natural habitat. Wood species respond differently to humidity and temperature conditions. If you aren't sure which wood species to pick, call us at 1-253-853-3815. 


For frequently asked questions about choosing a door and hardware see our FAQ page. If you're not sure what species is right for your space, or want to see the wood in person, you can order samples here


Please note that doors will ship separately from hardware when purchased together. Doors are pictured with hardware for context. Pocket door hardware is sold separately, and not included with the purchase of a door. Doors are not pre-drilled for hardware. If you order a door and a hardware kit, we are unable to ship hardware installed on doors due to the risk of damage in transit. 


We designed these doors with interior applications in mind. We don't recommend exterior use, andcan't guarantee against warping or damage if you install your door outside. To have this door specially crafted for exterior use, call us at 1-253-853-3815 and we’ll be happy to help! 


If you wish to customize the door even further, we can make your dream door a reality! Please understand that customization will add to the lead time. If you need more than 10 doors, or if your project requires special consideration, please call 1-253-853-3815. 



We’re proud to offer Shop Pay Installments! Buy today and pay in 4 or more payments starting at 0% APR. If you finance your purchase with Affirm (Shop Pay Installments), your first payment is due approximately two weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.

We highly recommend adding a clear finish to your door to protect it and make sure that it is eligible for coverage under our warranty. A clear finish not only protects your door, it also enhances its beauty while preserving its texture. Clear finish brings out the color and detail of the wood grain.  


We offer the following finish options: 

  • White Primer: Added to Paint Grade Hardwood. For this option, we use only high-quality hardwoods like European Beech or Red Grandis. These species provide a smooth surface for paint. 
  • Clear Satin Eurofinish by Osmo: A premium hand-rubbed hardwax oil that conditions, seals, and finishes the wood. 
  • Oil Stain EuroFinish by Osmo: A premium hand-rubbed hardwax oil that stains, seals, and finishes the wood. 

Check out our Wood Species Visualizer below to compare the raw wood with finished wood and explore our wood species options. Slide the toggle to the left for unfinished wood, and slide the toggle to the right for wood finished with Clear Satin EuroFinish. 


Complete the Look

Shop Pocket Door Frame Kits

Experience the best pocket door solution on the market.

Cavity Slider™ Pocket Door Frame Kit (for Doors Up To 4'x8')

Our bestselling kit for standard sized doors! The Cavity Slider Pocket Door Frame Kit is a complete pocket door system! This ready-to-install pocket door frame saves you time and money. Just slide this pocket frame into an opening, and add your door!


Note: For the complete kit, be sure to complete Step 1 & Step 2, adding both items to your cart.

If you need a custom size, give us a call at: 1-800-694-5977

Cavity Slider™ Ultimate Pocket Door Frame Kit (for Doors Up to 5'x10')

The kit for larger doors: The Cavity Slider Ultimate Pocket Door Frame Kit is a comprehensive system for a 5-1/2" stud size. No need for further adjustments—just insert the frame and add your door!


Note: For the complete kit, be sure to complete Step 1 & Step 2, adding both items to your cart.

If you need a custom size, give us a call at: 1-800-694-5977


Unmatched Quality and Features

A side-by-side comparison showcasing the advantages of RealCraft Pocket Doors.

Features RealCraft Pocket Doors Competition
Handcrafted Solid Wood Construction
Unlimited Customization Options
20 Hardwood Species Options
Premium Cavity Sliders Hardware Available
Unique Designs
Environmental Commitment: 25 Trees Planted per Door Sold
1-Year Limited Warranty
Free Shipping
Custom-Made Wooden Crates for Shipping Protection
Specialized Customer Support

Revitalize Your Space

Experience the RealCraft Distinction

High-Quality Pocket Doors with Unparalleled Artistry & Personalization

Craftsmanship in Motion

Discover the Artistry of RealCraft Doors

The Journey from Workshop to You


Everything you need to know about RealCraft pocket doors

A pocket door is a sliding door that recesses into a pocket in the wall when open. It has better sound sealing qualities than a sliding barn door.

Yes, since RealCraft pocket doors are made from real wood, you can expect some wood grain variation between doors. The unique grain patterns and give each door a distinct appearance. This ensures that no two doors will look exactly the same, adding to the authenticity and beauty of your RealCraft door.

Yes, RealCraft pocket doors are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. We also offer a range of pocket door handles, including ADA compliant options.

Yes, we offer wood samples in various species and finishes, allowing you to see and feel the materials before making your final decision. Shop wood samples.

At RealCraft, we proudly offer a warranty, because we stand by the quality of our products, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

RealCraft is committed to environmental sustainability. For every door sold, we plant 25 trees worldwide in partnership with the Eden Project. This initiative helps offset our carbon footprint and promotes reforestation efforts. You can track your impact in real time after the purchase.

RealCraft pocket doors are shipped in custom-made wooden crates to provide maximum protection during transit. We offer free shipping within the contiguous US.

RealCraft offers pocket door hardware that is ADA compliant. By choosing the appropriate hardware, you can ensure that your door meets accessibility requirements for commercial and public spaces.

Installing a pocket door involves installing the door frame in the pocket, attaching the track within the frame, and hanging the door on the track.

You can lock a pocket door with a specialized pocket door lock. There are privacy locks or keyed locks available.

While pocket doors can work for many rooms and spaces, there are certain places in your house where a pocket door isn't suitable. They can't be installed in a wall that has plumbing or electrical wiring, and it can't be a load bearing wall.

Maintaining and caring for your pocket door is easy. It mostly requires cleaning the door surface as needed. Because the moving parts of the hardware are inside the opening, they don't need to be cleaned.

Absolutely! RealCraft offers customization consultations to create your dream door. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you create a door that meets your specific needs and preferences. Just call(253) 243-3343or use the contact form below.

We’re proud to offer more ways to pay. Get what you want in 4 interest-free payments or choose a monthly payment plan when you check out with Shop Pay. Learn more on our financing page.

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