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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

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Half Glass French Double Doors

These French doors for exterior entry applications are truly the best of both worlds: combining six glass lights on top with a wood panel on the bottom. If you love the look of French doors butwant more privacy, these are the versatile, pet-and-kid friendly double doors you've been searching for. 


Gorgeous French Double Doors For Exterior Entry Areas


This design is ideal if you want the look of French doors for exterior entry areas, but don’t want full glass paneling. It’s an updated take on the traditional French door, with six glass panels in a window formation, and a wood panel on the bottom half of the door. French architects call this kind of door “porte-fenêtre” which means “window door.” Think of it like a door and a window in one. The wood panel on the lower half makes it a more practical choice if you have small kids or pets--no more smudged glass! Flat panels are standard, but raised panels are available upon request. 


Our doors are made with premium materials. We use insulated glass, available either in etched or clear, so you can choose how private you want the door to be. Choose from twenty different wood species, ranging from traditional (like Alder) to exotic (like Wenge). Our exterior doors come with an exclusive white oak threshold and silicone Swiss door sweep, a combination that prevents water damage to the jamb. And we offer the door jamb in the same wood species as the door, for a cohesive final look. We use 100% solid wood in our entry doors and jambs. Because we believe a thing that’s worth building is worth building right.   


What we build with is only half the story. How we build is the other. Skilled artisans cut, assemble, and finish our doors by hand. So our doors have an artisanal quality that’s hard for mass-produced doors to compete with. Plus, our artisans use traditional deep joinery methods to add to your door’s longevity.    


These double French doors are ideal for classic, traditional, or coastal design styles. Use as backyard doors, or as a front door set if you really want to make a statement. 

Skilled artisans make all our doors by hand onsite in Gig Harbor, a small seaport town on the Puget Sound in Washington State.


Wood Species

RealCraft offers twenty different wood species, ranging from traditional to exotic.


One of the reasons we love real wood so much is that it carries the character of its natural habitat. Wood species respond differently to humidity and temperature conditions. If you aren't sure which wood species to pick, call us at 1-800-694-5977.


If you want to see our wood in person before making a selection, you can order samples here. Check out our wood buying guide here.


Note that exterior Cedar doors come with a Douglas Fir jamb.


Glass Options

When selecting a glass option for this door, keep in mind how private the space is. Choose the standard clear glass for full transparency or the etched option for a little more privacy.


We also offer custom glass options upon request.


Hinge Style & Placement

Our standard entry hinges are 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" ball-bearing hinges available in:

  • Standard Steel with multiple finish options
  • Solid Brass
  • Pure Stainless Steel

If your doors will be outswing doors--especially in coastal areas--we recommend stainless steel or brass hinges to prevent corrosion.


We offer American or European hinge placement of the ball bearing hinges. American-style hinge placement spaces out the hinges evenly. The European-style puts two hinges high on the door and one at the bottom. We recommend European style hinge placement, it is the strongest option. This placement allows the two upper hinges to better bear the load of the door, thus preventing sag over time.


Our Simonswerk Tectus concealed hinges come in pairs and are three-dimensionally adjustable: side +/- 3mm, height, +/- 3mm, compression +/- 1.5mm. They are available in multiple finishes and are a top-of-the-line, completely concealed hinge system with maintenance-free slide bearings. Choose this door hinge for a sleek, upscale finish.


Door Handing & Swing Direction

To determine door handing: Stand with your back to the jamb to be hinged. Then let your arm be the door and note whether the door swings to your right or your left. If it swings to your left, it is a left-handed door. If it swings to your right, it is a right-handed door.


To determine “inswing” or “outswing”: First, stand outside your house. Then, when your door opens does it open into the house? Then it is an inswing door. Does it open out from the house? Then it is an outswing door. 


Note: Inswing doors are more typical for entry doors.


Pre-Hung Door Jambs

Door jambs are made of the same wood as the door for a cohesive look no matter what wood you choose.


Jamb measurements: Door width plus 2 3/8" (plus another 1/2" with concealed hinges)

Minimum rough opening: Door width plus 2 3/4" (plus another 1/2" with concealed hinges)


Please note that exterior casing/trim is not included. 


Pre-Hung Door Threshold & Sweep

Pre-hung doors come with an exclusive white oak threshold. Our white oak threshold offers superior water protection and wear resistance. We use a pure silicone, adjustable Swiss weather sweep set into the bottom of the door. Kerfed weatherstripping is standard. If you need an ADA threshold, call us. 


Door Maintenance 

Our doors are designed to be low maintenance. If you live in a place that has big temperature changes between seasons, you may need to tighten or lubricate your hinges from time to time. You should also adjust the door sweep to make sure it keeps the door sealed against the elements over time.


Our Osmo oil hardwax finishes may need a refresh every 1-3 years depending on their exposure to elements. Large temperature & humidity changes, direct exposure to sunlight, and seaside environments all can affect how often a door needs refreshing. Unlike plastic based varnishes, Our Osmo oil hardwax finishes don’t chip or flake off, so you don’t have to sand them to refinish. Simply clean the wood surface and reapply the finish, removing excess and rubbing in for best results.


If your doors gets dirty (weather, pets, children, etc.) you can clean them with a gentle soap and water. If you have to clean the hinges for any reason, make sure they dry thoroughly.  



We’re proud to offer Shop Pay Installments! Buy today and pay in 4 or more payments starting at 0% APR. If you finance your purchase with Affirm (Shop Pay Installments), your first payment is due approximately two weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.



For frequently asked questions about choosing a door and hardware see our FAQ page. And feel free to reach out any time to speak to a qualified consultant by calling 1-800-694-5977.

Ordering pre-hung doors means the door jamb is included. Therefore measurements for pre-hung doors should take into account the overall Unit Measurements and the Minimum Rough Opening where it will be installed. 



Calculating Unit Width Measurements for Pre-hung Doors

  • With no sidelights: Door Width + 2-3/8" for Unit Width3/8" per side minimum for Rough Opening Width
  • With one sidelight: Door Width + Sidelight Width4-1/2" for Unit Width3/8" per side minimum for Rough Opening Width
  • With two sidelights: Door Width + Sidelight Widths6-3/4" for Unit Width3/8" per side minimum for Rough Opening Width


Calculating Unit Height Measurements for Pre-hung Doors

  • With no transom: Door Height + 2-5/8" for Unit Height3/8" minimum for Rough Opening Height
  • With transom: Door Height + Transom Height4-5/8" for Unit Height3/8" minimum for Rough Opening Height

Please note that any door or door unit that measures more than 90 inches in both width and height will be shipped as a kit with jamb legs disassembled and side light glass separate. This is done to comply with crate size limits on freight trucks. 

We highly recommend adding a clear finish to your door to protect it and make sure that it is eligible to be covered by our warranty. A clear finish not only protects your door, it also enhances its beauty and brings out the color and detail of the grain. Visit our wood species page to learn more. 


We offer the following finish options:

  • White Primer: Added to Paint Grade Hardwood. For this option, we use only high-quality hardwoods like European Beech or Red Grandis. These species provide a smooth surface for paint.
  • Clear Satin Eurofinish by Osmo: A high-end hand-rubbed hardwax oil that conditions, seals, and finishes the wood.
  • Oil Stain EuroFinish by Osmo: A high-end hand-rubbed hardwax oil that stains, seals, and finishes the wood.

RealCraft's wood options with Osmo Clear Satin Eurofinish applied:

Click and drag left and right on the image to see how the wood species look Unfinished vs. with Osmo Clear Satin EuroFinish.

  • Slide Right ➡ to see the Unfinished Wood Species.
  • Slide Left ⬅to see the Osmo Clear Satin finish.


Discover the Difference

Standout French Doors

Here's why our French doors are a cut above the competition.

Features RealCraft Double Doors Competition
Handcrafted Solid Wood Construction
Exclusive White Oak Threshold and Silicone Sweep
20 Hardwood Species Options
Custom Design Options
Matching Wood Sidelights and Transom Addons
Environmental Commitment: 25 Trees Planted per Door Sold
1-Year Limited Warranty
Free Shipping in the US
Custom-made Wooden Crates for Shipping Protection


The Real Difference

Handcrafted from the best materials by skilled artisans.


French doors are a timeless classic, the kind of design that will never look dated because it's already been around for four hundred years. Whatever design variation you choose, they let in light and give your space an airy, open, and welcoming feeling.

RealCraft's French doors are crafted from premium solid wood. Choose from twenty wood species--we have everything from White Oak to Sapele Mahogany.

Yes, all RealCraft double doors can be ordered pre-hung for your convenience. However, please be advised that if either the width or height of your door unit is greater than 90 inches, the jamb will ship un-assembled in order to accommodate freight carrier sizing restrictions.

Absolutely! We offer an extensive range of design options. You can choose your preferred wood species, finish, and design to create a truly unique French door. You can also select to have them primed for paint, and paint them a color that works for your unique style. Additional custom options, like raised panels, are available upon request.

Yes, while French doors are commonly inswing doors, you can choose to have yours swing out instead. If you do, you'll need hinges that are resistant to rust and corrosion, such as stainless steel or brass.

A White Oak threshold is a high-quality wooden sill placed at the bottom of your door frame. It is extremely durable and offers excellent resistance to water and decay, making it perfect for double doors. Learn more about our White Oak Thresholds.

Yes, matching wood sidelights and transoms are available with our double doors. These special windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entryway and allow more natural light into your home.

Our double doors are meticulously handcrafted using traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting product.

We offer free shipping* across the U.S. Each door is custom-made and securely packed in a wooden crate for safe delivery. If you live in the Puget Sound region, will call is also available if you'd like to pick up your doors yourself.

RealCraft offers a 1-Year limited warranty on our double French doors. We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

Yes, RealCraft allows you to select the hinge placement that suits your needs, whether that's European or American style.

At RealCraft, we proudly offer a warranty, financing options, and customization consultations to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. We stand by the quality of our products with a warranty, giving you peace of mind in your investment. Our partnership with Shop Pay provides easy and affordable financing options, allowing you to pay for your purchase over time at competitive interest rates. Additionally, our team of experts is available for customization consultations, helping you design the perfect pivot door to match your unique style and preferences.

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