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Pocket Doors

Our Collection of Pocket Doors

When it comes to saving space and looking sleek, pocket doors can be one of the best choices. Swinging doors interfere with how much usable space you have in a room. This is especially a problem with small bathrooms, closets, and narrow hallways. Pocket doors slide on a track out of the way, meaning you do not need to clear objects from their path, especially when they disappear into the wall. They can also be used stylishly in open spaces to add a new flair and aesthetic to your entry.

Nearly all of our door designs can be used as pocket doors:

  • Shaker Single Panel Sliding Glass Barn Door
  • Shaker Classic Single Panel Sliding Barn Door
  • Modern Sliding Barn Door With Mirror
  • Mountain Chevron Sliding Barn Door
  • And many other designs you can check out on this page.

We have solid and sleek  Pocket Door Frames that can easily be installed and utilized in your home or office space.

We offer various  Pocket Door Hardware:

  • CS Cavity Slider™ Pocket Door Frame Kitset
  • Pocket Door Hardware Frame Kit
  • Low Profile Sliding Door Track Kit
  • Wall Mount Sliding Door Track Kit
  • Frameless Glass Clamp
  • Ceiling Flush Mount Sliding Pocket Door Hardware Kit
  • And many states of the art locking mechanisms that can be installed

Additionally, we have plenty of  sliding door accessories:

  • Track extensions
  • Designed door stoppers
  • Glass fasteners
  • Stylish floor guides
  • Beautiful handles
  • And many other customizable options

History and evolution of pocket door designs

While pocket doors might cause you to reminisce of the decades between 1950s and 1980s, their design is much older than the 20th century. Some of their earliest recorded uses date back to the Victorian era. Their use was characterized the same as it is today: space-saving functionality.

Like most early iterations of a design, the Victorian era models of pocket doors had issues such as being noisy and susceptible to various failures because they used a floor track design. This is still used in many cheaper sliding closet doors. However, it didn’t take long for new patents to be filed for more effective designs using a top-hanging system.

They experienced a big popularity boom until about the 1920s when hinged doors were becoming more fashionable. Only a few decades later, they began to make a resurgence in the 1950s when pocket doors made great options for the post-war housing market.

Now they are used for both functionality of space-saving and for aesthetic purposes of design.

The benefits of RealCraft Pocket Doors

Here at RealCraft, we make beautifully handcrafted doors in Washington state. When it comes to applying our designs to pocket doors, there are many great benefits you can gain both functionally and aesthetically.

Pocket Doors save space/perfect for small spaces

The most obvious functional benefit of installing one of our pocket doors is going to be the space you will save. Swinging doors require that there is enough room for it to swing open and closed. When the room is large, this is easy, and functional space is not lost. However, when you have a small space such as a bathroom, closet, laundry room, or other rooms limiting functional space, a pocket door can be the perfect solution.

Having to squeeze past a door when opening and closing it can cause a lot of frustration and stubbed toes. A pocket door makes it easy to pull the door in and out of the pocket, providing privacy when wanted and an accessible doorway as needed. Pocket doors also allow the space to retain its function when the door is open. For instance, in many small bathrooms, a swinging door might block access to a sink.


Pocket doors can be great for adding privacy to spaces. The sturdy and well-made doors offer both visual and auditory privacy when closed. This privacy can be utilized in closet spaces and in tight areas. The pocket design makes it easy to get in and out of a closet space and keep it closed when guests are over. For bathrooms, they offer an obvious form of privacy, including sturdy locking mechanisms that keep your business solely yours.

The easy sliding function makes it simple to open and close, offering easy privacy when desired.

For larger spaces, a double pocket door setup can offer the options for complete privacy when desired and for open flowing spaces when you see fit. This gives you the best of both worlds without requiring you to have wide-swinging doors taking up functional and aesthetic space.


The handcrafted doors at RealCraft all offer beautiful aesthetics. Our various designs allow you to get the exact look and feel that you are aiming for. With over twenty species of woods to choose from, an extensive collection of design specifications, and various customizable options there are nearly limitless possibilities for getting the perfect door.

Look through our large collection to find the perfect design for your space.

Common Pocket Door applications

There is a long list of applications that pocket doors can be utilized for. Whether you want to install them at home or in a business, there are many great applications.

Pocket Doors in homes

Bathrooms/laundry rooms

As mentioned before, using pocket doors in a bathroom helps best utilize space when your bathroom is smaller. It allows you to easily enter and exit without having to awkwardly move around a door.

Closets / pantries

Many home closets utilize sliding doors, but if you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing door that makes access to the contents inside easy, then a pocket door can be the best solution. You can even utilize built-in mirrors to turn the door into a full-size mirror.

Removable room dividers

Using a converging door or a bypass system, you can easily turn large entrances between rooms into closing doors without sacrificing functional space. This can be great for entrances between a living room and dining room. When desired, the doors can disappear allowing for an open free-flowing space, and when you want to close off the rooms, the doors slide out.

Patio doors

Pocket doors don’t have to only be interior doors. They can function as aesthetically pleasing entrances and exits. With converging or bypassing systems, your pocket doors can turn a wall into a free-flowing space between the indoors and outdoors.

Pocket Doors in businesses

Single occupancy bathrooms

If your small business is operating in limited space, you can install pocket doors on single-occupancy bathrooms. If this is a bathroom open to the public, then not only is the sleek use of space interesting, it gives you the opportunity to impress customers with the gorgeous wooden design of RealCraft doors.

Closet / storage spaces

Your storage area might already be filled with goods, so being able to save a bit of space with a pocket door can give you more storage area. Also, it makes it easier when moving goods or objects from one place to another. You don’t have to worry about the door getting in the way.

Grand entrances

Adding a converging or bypass system to your front doors can add a flair that really attracts customers to your store. On pleasant weather days, you can open the store or restaurant fully in order to create a free-flowing and welcoming atmosphere.

Office doors

Having a pocket door leading into offices allows you to utilize every bit of space. It also makes it easier to bring clients in and out without having to move around the door or out of the way of the door. Pocket doors can make the whole office space feel more welcoming by opening up doorways.

Benefits of wooden Pocket doors

When it comes to RealCraft wooden doors, we guarantee the best and most solid build. With various types of wood available, we are able to create the perfect and most natural aesthetic to your space. They are not only gorgeous, but they also provide great functionality. 

  • Sturdy and handcrafted build
  • Unique designs
  • 20+ options for types of wood
  • Wonderful insulation
  • Eco friendly
  • Aesthetically appealing.