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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Craftsman T Window Dutch Door With Glass

This Craftsman T Window Dutch Door is minimal with a traditional touch. With its elegant proportions, symmetry, and clean lines, this Dutch entry door is tailor-made for those with classic style. Crafted from solid wood and available in twenty wood species. Shown here in Rustic White Oak.

Pictured with Door Matched Wood Jamb.

Plants 25 mangrove trees You can track your impact after purchase.

Classic, Traditional Dutch Doors With Glass


This door design was a natural starting point when it came time for us to craft our Dutch Door collection. The single glass panel window at the top makes for an open and appealing look, while the T-shaped accent below keeps things traditional. One of our most versatile designs, this Craftsman T Window Dutch Door would be perfect for traditional, classic, farmhouse, or even minimalist homes.  


True to its name, the Craftsman T Window Dutch Door is made with deep joinery and celebrates the beauty of true, solid wood. This door is available in your choice of flat or raised panels and with three optional shelf configurations, so you can customize it to fit your unique style. We have twenty wood species to choose from for a truly customized look. Opt for a domestic hardwood like Hickory or Walnut, or go for something exotic and vibrant like Wenge or Sapele Mahogany.  


Dutch doors are ideal for homeowners with small children and/or pets, because they allow for fresh air—or accepting deliveries—while keeping kids and pets safely inside. If you’re looking for maximum brightness, go for Clear glass. If you want more privacy or softer natural light, choose our Crystal Etched glass, which has a frosted finish. Choose from a modern frameless look or a framed, traditional style for optional sidelights and transom windows. 




  • Solid wood construction 
  • Twenty wood species to choose from 
  • Insulated glass panel in either clear or Crystal Etched (frosted) glass 
  • Your choice of high or low Dutch cut 
  • Optional shelf or double shelf  
  • Nine hinge options  
  • Kerfed weatherstripping 

Skilled artisans make all our doors by hand onsite in Gig Harbor, a small seaport town on the Puget Sound in Washington State.


Dutch Shelf

Our Dutch shelf comes with corbels for support and a classic silhouette. The Dutch shelf is tapered, as shown below, in order to allow for optimal door clearance. There are three Dutch shelf options: you can either opt for an interior shelf, an exterior shelf, or a double-sided shelf. Please note that shelf height will vary slightly depending on the hinge side and/or door handing. Hinge-side shelves will be slightly lower on the door slab than non-hinge side shelves. As shown in the image below, a double sided shelf will be slightly offset because of the nature of the Dutch cut in the door slab. 


Wood Species

RealCraft offers twenty different wood species, ranging from traditional to exotic.


One of the reasons we love real wood so much is that it carries the character of its natural habitat. Wood species respond differently to humidity and temperature conditions. If you aren't sure which wood species to pick, call us at 1-800-694-5977.


If you want to see our wood in person before making a selection, you can order samples here. Check out our wood buying guide here.


Note that exterior Cedar doors come with a Douglas Fir jamb.


Glass Options

Glass Options

Our Dutch doors come with nine possible glass configurations on the upper door leaf. Choose a single pane for the most contemporary look, or opt for divided lights with mullions to make it more traditional, up to nine lights in all. We offer four glass types, including two Solarban variations. Solar Ban helps to regulate the temperature of your home by preventing heat transfer. Glass choices include:


  • Clear Insulated
  • Satin Insulated
  • Clear Solarban Low-E 60
  • Satin Solarban Low-E 60

We also offer custom glass options upon request.


Hinge Style & Placement

Our standard entry hinges are 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" ball-bearing hinges available in:

  • Standard Steel with multiple finish options
  • Solid Brass
  • Pure Stainless Steel

If your door will be an outswing door--especially in coastal areas--we recommend stainless steel or brass hinges to prevent corrosion.


Our Simonswerk Tectus concealed hinges come in pairs and are three-dimensionally adjustable: side +/- 3mm, height, +/- 3mm, compression +/- 1.5mm. They are available in multiple finishes and are a top-of-the-line, compl