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Reclaimed Sliding Barn Wood Doors

A door that tells a story in every plank. Our Reclaimed Barn Door is available in either horizontal or vertical plank orientation, with a rotating stock of reclaimed wood sourced from all over the United States. As our supply is always changing, each door will have its own unique combination of color, grain pattern, weathering, and signs of wear. Request pictures of our current stock for the most up-to-date information! Choose this door if you want a completely unique, rustic statement piece. 

Plants 25 mangrove trees You can track your impact after purchase.

A Barn Wood Door With History


A sustainable choice that’s as unique as it gets, no two Reclaimed Barn Doors are alike. We’re passionate about re-using reclaimed lumber because it makes use of existing lumber rather than creating demand for new lumber, which has to be cut down. Reclaimed wood barn doors are the perfect option if you’re looking to lessen your environmental impact while still making the most of natural materials. Choose from either vertical or horizontal plank variation, or do a different style on each side! 


Our reclaimed stock changes frequently, as we source multiple small batches from around the United States, with a variety of wood species, colors, and grain patterns. Reclaimed Wood Doors vary in color, grain, knots, and patina. Reclaimed wood may include dark nail holes, growth rings, faded spots, and non-uniform grain patterns. Colors can range widely, from light gray to warm brown to faded black. Please refer to the gallery photos above as examples, and contact us for photos of our current stock at Each finished product will be different and unique. 


You might not expect it, but reclaimed wood is more dimensionally stable and dense than new wood. Why? It’s dense because much of it is old growth wood, which tends to be denser in general. And it has greater dimensional stability because it’s already expanded and contracted many times over and settled. This all means that reclaimed wood, while it may be decades old, is stronger and more stable than it looks, resulting in reliable operation and longevity. Reclaimed wood is inherently rustic in feeling, which makes it great for any décor scheme that leans rustic and homespun, such as: 

  • Classic Farmhouse 
  • French Farmhouse 
  • Industrial Farmhouse 
  • Bohemian 
  • Rustic 
  • Western and Southwestern

Skilled artisans make all our doors by hand onsite in Gig Harbor, a small seaport town on the Puget Sound in Washington State.


Please note that our stock of Reclaimed Wood changes frequently. If you’d like to see pictures of our current stock before purchasing, please contact us at 1-253-853-3815 or email us 


For frequently asked questions about choosing a door and hardware see our FAQ page


Please note that doors will ship separately from sliding hardware when purchased together. Doors are pictured with hardware for context. Sliding hardware is sold separately, and not included with the purchase of a door. Doors are not pre-drilled for hardware. If you order a door and a hardware kit, we are unable to ship hardware installed on doors due to the risk of damage in transit.


We designed these doors with interior applications in mind. We don't recommend exterior use, and can't guarantee against warping or damage if you install your door outside. To have this door specially crafted for exterior use, call us at 1-253-853-3815 and we’ll be happy to help!

The Reclaimed Wood Barn Door is 1 ¾ inches thick. When determining the size of your barn door, we recommend that the door overlaps the doorway to minimize gaps and provide some sound-muffling for privacy. An inch of overlap on each side is a good rule of thumb for barn doors. For example, a 36” x 80” doorway would need a 38” x 81” sliding barn door. If you would like more sound sealing, then a 2-inch overlap on either side is best. To make sure it looks as intentional as possible, your barn door should also completely cover any molding on the door opening when closed. So if you have molding, you’ll need to factor that into your measurements as well. 

Need more guidance? Give us a call at 1-253-853-3815,or learn How to Measure for a Sliding Barn Door

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Why RealCraft?

Sapele Mahogany wood close up shot

The Best Materials

All of our products are built using the best lumber available and are made with 100% Solid Wood, always.

Made By Hand

We are proud to offer products that are handcrafted from start to finish. With decades of expertise, our artisans mix tradition and innovation to create the most distinctive doors in the market. True masterpieces that will last for decades to come.

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Giving It Back

For every door we sell, 25 new trees are planted worldwide.

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