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Barn Door Floor Guide: What It Is and How to Select the Perfect Style for Your Project

Barn doors give your home character and charm. They became popular with the (re)emergence of the farmhouse style and have stayed popular due to their functionality and versatility. You can find barn door styles for interior décor schemes. 

But when purchasing your first barn door, you should consider a couple of accessories that will ensure the proper and safe operation of the sliding door system. One minor but essential accessory is a barn door floor guide.

What Are Barn Door Floor Guides?

Barn Door Floor Guide is a tiny hardware piece installed at the bottom of your door to keep it in place and prevent wobbling when opening or closing. 

There are multiple floor guide designs on the market. They can be mounted on the floor or wall and can be visible, partially visible, or completely hidden. They are also available in multiple shapes, materials, and finishes, but they all have the same purpose: keep your door in place.

The Importance of Barn Door Floor Guides

Barn door floor guides are a must-have accessory for barn doors (at RealCraft, all hardware kits include a standard T-Guide). Floor guides will ensure proper operation of your sliding door, prevent accidents and extend the longevity of your door and hardware.

Here at RealCraft, we offer four barn door floor guides styles that are suitable for the most popular sliding food applications. Let's take a look at what they look like and where to use them.


T-Guide Barn Door Floor Guide by RealCraft


The T-Guide is our standard barn door floor guide, and we ship one with all of our barn door hardware kits.  


This is a small, T-shaped guide that is mounted on the floor right under the door. The T-Guide is a discreet and utterly hidden floor guide option and is also our most affordable guide, starting at only $10.00.  

The T-Guide is our only floor guide that requires modification in the bottom of the door (the bottom of the door needs to be routed).


C-Guide Barn Door Floor Guide by RealCraft


The C-Guide is our most popular floor guide. This guide is available in multiple sizes to fit the most common door thickness.

    Like the T-guide, the C-guide is installed into the floor, but it does not require any modification to the door's bottom edge. The C-Guide is an easy-to-install option, and the perfect solution for projects when modifying the door is not an option. 

    The C-guides is a C-shaped guide that "hug" the door's front and back to provide a smooth and stable glide. The C-Guide has a modern and sleek design and is minimally visible on the floor. This guide starts at $29.00 and is available in six finishes: Black, White, Unfinished Steel, Stainless Steel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Galvanized.

    RealCraft's Industrial Heavy-Duty Barn Door Floor Guide Roller by RealCraft

    Heavy-Duty Floor Guide

    Our Heavy-Duty floor guide is suited for oversized industrial doors. They are installed on the floor in front of the door and do not require modifications to the door's bottom. This floor guide has no door thickness limit so that you can use it for any sliding door application. 

    The Heavy-Duty floor guide costs $99.00 and is available in stainless steel or black powder-coated steel casing and a black nylon wheel.

    RealCraft's Wall-Mounted Roller Guide by RealCraft

    Wall-Mounted Roller Guide

    Unlike the other three guides, the Wall-Mounted Roller Guide is mounted on the wall rather than the floor. This guide is installed on the wall right behind the door and is the perfect solution for projects where drilling the floor is not an option. 

    The Wall-Mounted Roller Guide is available in a single size and fits doors from 1-½" up to 2-¾" thick. Remember that this is not the most discreet floor guide option, and the wheel will be completely visible in your installation.

    Shop for the Perfect Barn Door Floor Guide!

    Still not sure what's the best floor guide for your project? Give us a call or send us an email and let's figure it out! RealCraft is your one-stop shop for quality craftsmanship and everything barn door-related.

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