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Five Tips To Help You Choose A Barn Door For Your Kid's Room

Are you thinking about installing a barn door for your kid’s room, but not sure how to start? It’s something we’ve been asked about a lot, and we’re here to help! Here are our tips for choosing a barn door for your kid’s room, from wood type to accessories:

Choose a door that will grow with them.

Your kid’s ideas of what looks cool are going to change rapidly through the years. So go for a simple design that works well with the look of your home, and avoid ultra-bright or pastel paint colors if you want the door to last them through their teen years. They will definitely find a bright purple door a little bit embarrassing by then. Aim for a light, neutral wood species like Maple or Alder, or paint the door a versatile neutral like white.

If they are old enough, let your child participate in at least one part of the design process. Let them choose the door design or the wood species, and they’ll be more likely to treasure the door and take care of it, because it will feel like their door.

Don’t be afraid to embrace fun!

There are a few ways you can make a barn door feel fun. We made our Chalkboard Sliding Barn Door with kiddos in mind: it offers them a large canvas to draw their imaginary creations. Our Mirrored Barn Door also adds an opportunity for playing dress up in all their favorite costumes!

Colorful hardware is another simple way to add some whimsy to the door without looking overwhelming. We make Spectrum Color hardware in vibrant colors like Scarlet Red, Forest Green and Lemon Yellow. Nothing says “fun” like our spectrum hardware! Plus, if your kid outgrows the bright color, it’s a simple and low-cost fix to change out colorful hangers to a metallicor neutral option.

Finishes matter.

Let’s be real: small children tend to put their mouths on all kinds of things around the house, so it’s important to choose a finish that is safe. That’s why we recommend using a finish from our partner Osmo. Osmo makes hardwax oil finishes which come from Germany and adhere to strict EU guidelines for safety. Our Osmo wood finishes do not peel or flake and are resistant to saliva. So you can rest assured that if your little one tries to taste their door, it won’t harm them. Just be sure to avoid cleaning the surface with harsh solvents like baking soda or bleach, as it will damage the wood finish. We recommend a gentle, natural cleaning agent like castille soap--which is also safer for kids!

Consider a Soft Stop.

One of the risks for both swinging and sliding doors is that kids will slam them. To avoid this, we recommend that all doors for children’s rooms are outfitted with our Soft Stops. The Soft Stop is an accessory that slows the door down as it approaches the end of the track, so it closes softly, preventing slamming and saving little fingers. For both safety and maintaining quiet, Soft Stops are a must-have accessory for families with kids. It's easy to add to your order, just select "soft stop" from the recommended accessories section when you are building out your sliding barn door track kit. 

Consider wood density and door weight.

Depending on the age of your kiddo, you may want a door that’s lighter in weight so it’s easier for them to operate themselves. Consider one of our Plank Barn Door Kits, which are thinner than our Pro line of sliding barn doors, and available in many different brace styles. Or choose a wood species like Cedar which is lightweight.

 Those are our tips for choosing a barn door for your kid's room. If you have other questions, drop us a line at or give us a call at 253-201-8015!

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