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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Reclaimed Wood For Your Barn Door

Reclaimed wood is processed lumber that is being reused for a different application. Simply put, it’s old wood that was part of a different structure that's been given a second life. And we’re kind of obsessed with it. Why should you choose reclaimed wood for your barn door? Here are the top reasons from our point of view:

 Reclaimed wood is sustainable

If sustainability matters to you, then reclaimed wood is an attractive option. This is because reclaimed wood is recycled and it doesn't require new trees to be cut down. Just like re-wearing vintage clothes or buying antique furniture, using reclaimed wood in your home is a smart way to make use of existing materials, instead of creating demand for new ones. Using reclaimed where possible preserves forests, and protects the many animals that inhabit them from habitat loss. If you have a passion for keeping wild spaces wild, opting for reclaimed is an unexpected—but powerful—way to do just that.

 Reclaimed wood is unique

The uniqueness of reclaimed wood is undeniable. Each piece has its own unique history, markings, and character. The results of natural aging and exposure to the elements cannot be replicated. Your barn door will have a completely unique look and texture. And in a time of mass-produced, cookie-cutter goods, something as authentic as reclaimed wood is hard to find.

 Reclaimed wood adds history and interest

Reclaimed wood tells a story. The reclaimed wood for your barn door was once part of something else, like a fence, a barn, a boat, or a house. Or even a wine barrel, as is the case with our Redwine Redwood! It adds character to your home that you just can’t get with new wooden products.

 It's more robust than you think

This seems counterintuitive—we tend to think of old things as being more likely to wear out. But one of the main benefits of reclaimed wood is how sturdy it can be. Since a lot of reclaimed wood is old growth, the grain pattern is typically tighter and the wood is denser—so even though it’s old, it’s stronger than you might expect.  Reclaimed wood is also more stable than new wood. This is because it’s had more time to acclimate to humidity. The dimensional stability means it won’t expand and contract as dramatically as new wood.


Why choose reclaimed wood for barn doors?

Reclaimed Barn door in a horizontal plank style.

In addition to all the benefits we just listed above, there's another reason why reclaimed wood is ideal for barn doors. Barn doors naturally lend themselves to a rustic interior décor scheme, since they originally come from barns. Since reclaimed wood has a rugged appearance, it’s a perfect material for barn doors. Our Reclaimed Wood Barn Door comes in either vertical or horizontal plank variation for a minimalist interpretation of barn door design. It combines rustic texture with a streamlined design that really allows all the beauty of the reclaimed wood to shine through.

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