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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

How New Doors Transformed A Historical Building

Founders Park welcome sign
Located in Anaheim, California, the Founders' Park is a beautiful, 20-acre historical site surrounded by nature.

We had the chance to craft beautiful carriage doors, front doors, sliding doors, and all the hardware, including our Box Rail Sliding Hardware and our Hand-forged handles.

Now let's take a look at this beautiful project during the sunset! 


  • Founder's Park historical building during sunset.
  • Red Carriage Doors at the Founders Park building.
  • Two red carriage doors and a red entry door at Founder's Park.
  • Red British brace red front door
  • Close-up of carriage doors, sliding door, and entry door at the founders park during sunset.

All About British Brace

Inspired by Great Britain's flag, this traditional and elegant door design will beautifully complement any residential or commercial project. The British Brace was the perfect design to keep amplify the feel of traditionality in the park.

The British Brace door design works in any door system: barn doors, carriage doors, front doors, and pocket doors, and if you have more than one door, you can create a different pattern depending in which direction the "arrows" arrows are pointing! 


  • Founder's Park main building on a sunny day.
  • Large British Brace sliding barn door
  • historical traditional building at Founder's Park
  • Historical shed building at Founders Park

Details That Make The Difference

Picking the proper hardware for your project can significantly impact your project's longevity and the story you want to tell. We had two main challenges for this project: use something weather-resistant that aligns with the site's history. 

Our Heavy Duty Box Rail was the obvious choice for the sliding hardware. It can hold doors up to 600lbs and has a simple and discreet box design to protect the trolleys from the exterior elements guaranteeing flawless operation for years to come.

For handles, the choice for our Hand-forged hardware collection was a no-brainer. Packed with tradition and artisanship, our blacksmith crafts these with traditional methods, creating one-of-a-kind products and resisting exterior weather conditions.


Hand-forged door handle by RealCraft
Red wide sliding exterior door at Founders Park
Red British Brace Front Door by RealCraft
We hope this incredible project gave you some ideas to start your own renovation. Selecting the right door design will help you tell a story and create a space or atmosphere that you, your family, or your customers want to be part of. And always remember: Doors don't have to be boring!

Founders Park historical building

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