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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

All Things Point to Chevron

We at Real know you are tired of bold, overdone zig-zaggy chevron patterns. While loud chevron patterns on pillowcases and wallpapers are definitely out, we weren’t quite ready to give up on the eccentric and ancient beauty of this pattern.

We agree that large, limited color prints, tend to look two-dimensional. However, we still believed that the geometry could be used to create pronounced pieces for your home.

When we crafted deep sapele mahogany and brilliant maple wood into this ancient pattern, it provided a design that could create visionary contrast in any room. Real Carriage utilizes a two-panel style that breaks up the classic cliche, and is a more modern take on the chevron design. The interactive pattern paired with wooden textures and tones, give it a noble appearance.

The Mountain Chevron in Sapele Mahogany adds a level of luxuriant sophistication to any contemporary space. The wood is desired for its subtle layering of contrasting striped hues. This geometric duo would flourish in any room that needs a hint of movement.

Mountain Chevron in Sapele Mahogany Barn Door


The Mountain Chevron in Quartered Maple is a perfect fit for airy rooms. The wood is a mottle of light amber and gold. It’s modest wave grain and fine even texture complement the sharp edges of the chevron. This style is sure to accent any space that needs a little glow.

Mountain Chevron in Quartered Maple Barn Door

Open the possibilities of design by considering chevron to sharpen and pull together any look. Take a look at our mountain and valley chevron doors, as well as our four panel chevron doors today!

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