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Carriage Doors: 5 Benefits of Using Carriage Doors for Your Garage

When people drive by your house, one of the first things they see is the garage. More importantly, it’s the first thingyou see whenever you leave or return to your house. It’s a staple of your property and you should have one that is beautiful that stands out. 

It seems like everyone has the same dull roll-up garage doors, so why not try something different? Carriage doors are elegant, unique replacements for garage doors that offer many more benefits than your typical roll-up.

What Are Carriage Doors?

Double set of White Carriage Doors on a traditional home home design in a sunny day. Photo captures the whole house front and garden. Photo by RealCraft.

Even though carriage doors can be used in your garage, they differ from what classifies as garage doors. Garage doors are doors used to close the entrance on your garage regardless of the style or how it opens. However, carriage doors are doors that open and close by swinging in and out of the doorway. 

They’re reminiscent of the looks and styles of old carriage houses that stored horse-drawn carriages. People have been crafting them for over at least 100 years! The unique look is very appealing, but there are also other benefits of using carriage doors for your garage.

Why Should I Use Carriage Doors for My Garage?

1. Low Mainetence

Picture highlights a White Carriage Door set installed into a home's garage. Photo by RealCraft.

Running a household and maintaining your property can end up being expensive. As a homeowner, you need to get the best return on your investment, and that’s why carriage doors are a great option. 

It’s very rare that carriage doors need repairs, especially since they swing in and out and don’t run the risk of getting stuck as roll-up garage doors do.

They’re also generally made out of wood or steel, and both materials can withstand uncontrollable circumstances, like the weather. If you live in a place where the climate goes through all four seasons, you’ll want a system that can withstand it and protect what’s inside your garage- especially your car.

Believe it or not, they can even have a huge impact on your energy bills, as wood is naturally a good insulation material. Solid wood carriage doors will keep your garage from getting too drafty in the colder weather. Many people have heated garages and carriage doors will help keep that heat inside.

They won’t get stuck like roll-up garage doors either, which can be very frustrating. If you have roll-up doors and run the risk of electrical issues, it can turn into a complete nightmare. The easy-gliding doors require almost no maintenance.

Plus, if your garage doors get stuck that could cause some serious issues. If you park your car inside, you won’t be able to get it out. Then you’ll have to rely on calling a technician to get out there as soon as possible to fix it so count your day completely gone.

Although the swinging door system takes a little more work, there’s no standard connection to electricity. There's the option to get automatic carriage door openers, but they are an optional add-on. Without all of the electrical and mechanical functions that come with other garage doors, you’ll rarely have to troubleshoot or repair anything.

Since carriage doors are low maintenance, you’ll save time and money!

2. Additional Space

Inside area of a "garage" that has been adapted to be a play room. Picture features a set of white carriage doors on the background. Photo by RealCraft.

Aside from vehicles, many people use their garages to store all kinds of things. There’s only so much space in a garage, so utilizing the ceiling isn’t unprecedented. Since basic garage doors roll up into the ceiling, they take that option away. However, carriage doors swing in and out and leave all that ample ceiling space open for whatever you need.

This is especially great for people that just want to reorganize their garages. By moving things to the ceiling, you can have more space on the floor. If you have a two-car garage you could finally fit both vehicles in there instead of just one. If you double your garage as a workshop, it’ll provide you with more workspace without bumping into things.

 You also do not have to use your garage only for storage or for a car. Some people repurpose their garage to create a completely different space, such as a small business, playroom, atelier, art studio, office, and the list goes on! Adding a carriage door for an adapted garage will make it look more friendly, and welcoming space for you and your guests.

3. Improves Home Value and Style

oversize Knotted carriage door with long strap hinges on a sunny day. Photo by RealCraft.

How your home looks on the outside is a reflection of your style. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated appearance, carriage doors will give you exactly that.

They may only come in wood and steel, but there are multiple themes you can choose from to get the perfect look.  You can choose traditional, country, modern, or ranch style to name a few, while typical garage doors come in virtually the same style no matter what. It’s hard to alter the appearance of garage doors that roll up because you don’t want to alter their functionality.

With wooden carriage doors, you have even more room for creativity! You can select the wood species, finish or paint, multiple glass panels placement and styles, custom handles, and custom hinges!

Carriage doors are also considered a classic and upscale door system and can have a huge impact on your home’s overall look. By adding a new aesthetic to your garage, your home’s visual appeal increases and so does its value. The more people like what they see when they look at your property, the more buyers are willing to pay.

Even if you don’t plan on selling any time shortly, you should always do what you can to maintain and improve your property.

4. Boosts Your Security

Pictures highlights a two sets of Z-Brace Carriage doors on a garage entrance. Photo by RealCraft.

With all the newfound storage space carriage doors can provide, chances are you’ll have more valuable items in your garage other than your car(s). Maybe your house and garage are connected and there’s an entry point inside leading right into where your family is. Either way, you want security.

Whether you choose wood or steel, carriage doors are crafted with multiple layers. They can range from 2 to 5 layers, and the materials can be 2 inches thick. If you’re considering steel carriage doors, there’s no chance someone will be able to break through them. Even if the wood is your material of choice, the thickness, and weight of the door significantly decrease someone’s ability to break through it.

In addition to the material itself, the carriage door system is very easy to secure. For added protection of your home, garage, and belongings, a steel chain and locking mechanisms can easily be installed in carriage doors.

If you want garage doors with windows, they can be installed in carriage doors. The material is still solid, and the small windows will add a little natural light inside while protecting your privacy.

5. Versatility

Set of white b-folding carriage doors half-opened in a garage set up. Photo by RealCraft.

Swinging doors provide great versatility in both form and function. There are no tracks like with traditional garage doors and minimal hardware. You even have the option of which kind of hardware you want to use.

The mechanical style is intended to be able to hold significant weight and the hinged, swing system makes it incredibly easy to open and close heavy doors. Carriage doors are known for their smooth gliding.

If anything ever needed to be changed with your carriage doors, it would be a simple process.


Everyone on your street has the same boring garage doors. You aren’t a boring person, so why not switch things up? You can easily replace old garage doors with carriage doors no matter how old your property is or what style your garage is.

Carriage doors complement various designs and styles from rustic to modern, and there are endless ways you can customize them to get garage doors you will love. By ditching the dull roll-up garage doors, you’ll get unique and sophisticated doors that look nothing like your neighbors’. Make the switch, break the mold, and stand out! Take a look at these 50 beautiful Carriage Door Ideas for even more inspiration!

 Shop our collection of carriage doors today!


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Joan Delaney

Joan Delaney

February 21, 2024

Please send a brochure and pricing. Thank you,
Joan Delaney



August 04, 2023

Very informative blog post I have read today! Thanks for sharing.

Thondra Lanese

Thondra Lanese

April 07, 2023

We are looking for traditionally styled (carriage house) bifold garage doors (not a roll up) with product approvals for Florida. Is that something you do? Or can you recommend another source?

Thank you!



April 11, 2022

Hello there I would like to know how much would cost CL01B door . Classic British x with 3 lites .
8 wide , 7 height . Thanks 🙏

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