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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Introducing Round Top Doors From RealCraft!

We were inspired to create round top doors for online purchase, because they've always been some of our favorite custom projects. They bring a different kind of energy to an entryway: something whimsical and enchanting. Just like the moon, stars, and planets, which is what these designs are named after. 

Here's what makes our round top doors different: 

  • The Real Deal:Handcrafted with real, solid wood in Gig Harbor, WA.

  • Easy, Simple Installation: Pre-hung round top doors come with a frame out kit to simplify installation in standard openings.

  • Customization: These door designs are available with 22 wood species, three jamb options, and four glass styles for a door as unique and special as you are.

  • Door Matched Casing: With these doors, you have the option to add species-matched casing (interior, exterior or both) for a bespoke look. This also saves you and your contractor time, since making casing for round doors can be time-consuming and tricky. 

  • Each Door Gives Back: We partner with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant 25 trees for every door sold, and you can track the trees being planted in real time after purchase.

  • Online ordering, Simplified: You can order these doors online--no need to call and wait on hold, or wait around for a quote. We offer a streamlined door ordering experience. 


Meet the Round Top Door Designs


Named after the brightest star in the sky, the Sirius door is the centerpiece of this collection and the first design we knew we wanted to bring to life. With its leaded glass window, accented with a circle in the very center, this traditional door is truly timeless. 


Named after the North Star, this door's round window was inspired by the windows on ships. Polaris has always been central to sea navigation in the northern hemisphere, guiding sailors across the centuries. This door is just as timeless, with a hint of maritime charm. 


One of Jupiter's moons, Callisto's surface is the oldest object in the entire solar system. The Callisto door is a classic all-wood design with a framed in tongue and groove panel--simple beauty that endures.


Arcturus means "Guardian," and this modern, all-wood flush plank door carries the same guardian energy. Solid, dependable, and proud. 


Vega is one of the most eye-catching and beautiful stars in the Northern hemisphere. This door is a variation of our best-selling Mid Century Modern Front Door with Side Window. 


The Carina door, with its chevron pattern and mid-brace, emphasizes symmetry and balance. Carina is a constellation in the Southern sky which never sets below the horizon and is named after the Latin word for a ship's keel. 


Named for the ancient Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, the chevron panel on this door evokes the quill of an arrow. Eye-catching and unique, it's an adaptation of our popular Chevron Panel Front Door with Window. 


This is our take on a French glass style door, but with a round top. It's named after the Andromeda galaxy, which is one of the most distant space objects that can be seen with the naked eye.  


The Orion is our 3/4 French glass round top door with eight glass panels--just like the constellation Orion has eight especially bright stars.  


This half glass French style round top door is a versatile, best-of-both worlds option if you want the beauty of French style glass but the practicality of a wood lower half. 


This four panel glass window door features a notched mid-brace, a nod to the Craftsman style. Elegant and tasteful, with a traditional feel. 


This door combines modern and traditional elements, with the four panel window, and flush panel construction. This design is named after Chiron, an object that has elements of both an asteroid and a planet. 

Explore the Round Top Door Collection today.

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Sophia A

Sophia A

February 21, 2024

Do the windows open in these top round doors? If not that would be innovative for sure. I am always looking for a way to let in more fresh air

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